5 Commitment-Free Ways to Tweak Your Hair this Fall

Ombre Hair LEAD

We understand the commitment it takes to, say, chop your waist-length hair into a tight pixie. But there are far less dramatic ways to breathe life into your seasons-old hairstyle. The best part? These five tricks come with zero strings.

1. Go Streaking- Want to get a bit more gutsy with your color?Add a pastel tint by spraying just your ends for an ombre look or over small sections for a fun streaked effect. We like IGK’s new spray (Sutro Ombre Color Spray $29; sephora.com)which doesn’t leave hair tacky and it actually shows up on dark strands.

2. Switch Your Part- It may sound like NBD, but tweaking your part can actually add instant volume – and attitude, says L.A. hairstylist Paul Norton. “A strong center part can feel classic, yet also convey confidence,” says N.Y.C. hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins. While a deep side part denotes glamour and drama, says Norton. You can also create a part that helps “bring balance to your face by distributing the weight and amount of hair on either side,” says Hawkins.

3. Fake a Faux Bob- Go short for one night only: Create a deep side part, then divide hair into three sections. Roll up each section of hair (with the ends pointed in toward you); secure the resulting roll to your scalp by crisscrossing two pins. (Thick hair may require more.) It’s perfect "if you have lots of layers in you hair,” says Kristine Cruz, senior hair stylist at Antonio Prieto Salon in N.Y.C., as you can allow shorter bits to graze your face for a realistic finish.

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4. Get Rich- Are your caramel highlights looking a bit faded after a summer spent poolside? Try using a gloss to add a bit of luster. We love Rita Hazan’s version ($26; sephora.com) which comes in 5 shades (including clear) so you can score major shine. The easy to apply foams deliver a subtle tint of color (except for the clear formula) to help cancel out brassy tones and add depth.

5. Go for a Big Bang- You might remember Gigi Hadid famously sporting choppy bangs for a night earlier this year. Due to a clip in piece, she didn’t have any trouble with an awkward grow out phase. “Clip in bangs are a great way to change up your style temporarily,” says Tyler Colton. Another option, use your own hair to fake a fringe. Colton suggests gathering hair into a topknot but leave the ends out and direct them toward your forehead to create bangs. “Depending on your hair length, you can create long bangs or a cute baby bangs,” says Colton. Once you’ve decided on the length, pin down the knot and lightly shape the ends into place with hairspray.

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