Hair Tinsel Is the Most Playful Beauty Trend for the Holidays

It's time to sparkle and shine.

Hair Tinsel Is The Most Playful Way To Dress Up Your Hair This Holiday

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When you aren't ready to commit to changing your hair color or cut, hair accessories are a quick, fun way to switch up your look. And while we adore a statement headband and sparkly clips as much as the next person, as far as hair accessories go, hair tinsel has to be the most fun. Unlike clips and headbands, hair tinsel intertwines with your natural hair and creates fun, sparkly, stand-out strands.

Along with other Y2K beauty trends like butterfly clips and zig-zag hair parts, hair tinsel is having a renaissance on TikTok. The hashtag #fairyhair (the alternate name for hair tinsel) has racked up nearly 50 million views on the social media app.

So, we tapped Ulta Beauty Pro Team Member and celebrity hairstylist, Danielle Keasling, to share everything there is to know about hair tinsel. From how long it lasts to how it should be applied, read on for all her tips.

What is hair tinsel?

As the name implies, it's tinsel that's applied to the hair, but it's also known as "fairy hair."

"[It's] tiny threads of tinsel in various colors or iridescent hues secured to the strands of your hair, adding a pop of color or shimmer without any major upkeep or permanent changes," elaborates Keasling.

Can tinsel be applied to all hair types?

Yes! Hair tinsel can be attached to every hair type, from super-straight to 4C curls. Keasling assures that some tinsel can be styled with very low heat or even steam to blend into loose waves and larger curl patterns, too.

"It can also be incorporated into a variety of styles including braids, twists and pony tails," she adds. So, the styling possibilities are endless.

Then, once the tinsel is in, Keasling says it can stay put anywhere between four to eight weeks.

What's the best way to apply hair tinsel at home?

See below for the hairstylist's step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Wash and dry. Before prepping your hair for this style, start with a clean slate by shampooing and blowdrying it.
  2. Section hair off. Begin by using a sectioning tool like the back of long comb and tinsel in the color of your choice. "First, section the hair beginning at the bottom of your head and work your way upwards through the sections in rows," says Keasing. "For each section, use the end of the sectioning tool to grab a smaller section of hair and tie two-three pieces of tinsel to the hair root as close to the scalp as possible."  Work your way around the head (ear to ear), sectioning off bits every few inches depending on the look you want to achieve.
  3. Tie it at the root. Once you know where you want the tinsel to be placed, secure the strands to the small sections you've picked using a small micro ring. 
  4. Trim. Once the tinsel is in, the hairstylist says to finish the look by trimming the tinsel to match your natural length for a uniform look.
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