The 8 Spring Hair Color Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2023

From deep cinnamon to platinum champagne, it's all about going warm this spring.

When it comes to hair color, it's natural to think that spring is all about going lighter. But this year, things are hitting a little different. The spring hair colors dominating in 2023 are all rich, warm, and deep.

We're talking bronze, black onyx, and cinnamon spice as some of the darker colors you'll see everywhere in this transition from winter to warmer weather. But don't worry if you still want to go lighter, though. There are some fun bright shades that will also be trending all over to fill that need. For spring 2023, there's truly a hair shade for everyone.

Spring Hair Color Trends About to Take Over

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Below are the eight hair colors that experts predict will be huge. Make sure to bookmark this page and bring it with you to your next coloring appointment.

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Soft Copper

Spring Hair Color Trends About to Take Over

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As one of the "it" hair colors of 2022, copper will maintain its popularity well into the new year (and probably beyond). Celebrity Hair Stylist Ashley Gomila agrees that this shade of red is perfect for spring thanks to its vibrancy and freshness.

But to keep your color looking bright while maintaining this striking red shade, Gomila suggests using something like the Balmain Hair Couture's Argan Moisturizing Elixir to the ends of hair to protect strands and lock in color while heat styling.  

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Onyx Brunette

Spring Hair Color Trends About to Take Over

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According to celebrity colorist Cassandra Keading, dark hair is here to stay and will be huge for spring 2023. Ranging anywhere from the darkest deep browns to a sultry black, she says these colors are shiny, rich, and deeply saturated. Just be sure you're 100% certain you want to go down this route.

"These deep tones can be harder to lighten," she explains. "So when you are ready to go back lighter, know that it's a long slow process to get you back [and will require] more visits to the salon, which can be timely and definitely costly."

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Bronze Hues

Spring Hair Color Trends About to Take Over

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Senior colorist at the Mark Hotel Fekkai Salon Jaclyn Discala says to think warm when it comes to spring 2023 hair color trends, and she especially loves bronze hues. With this trend, mixing in golden blonde and bright brunette shades creates a stunning, multidimensional effect.

The most important part of at-home haircare regarding your freshly new dye job is using the right products. Discala recommends color-sensitive formulas like the Fekkai Technician Color Shampoo and Conditioner to lock in moisture while preserving your vibrant color.

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Sandy brown

The Spring Hair Color Trends About to Take Over

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If you've found that certain shades of brunette can be too cool or too warm for your liking, then the sandy brown trend is for you. Keading describes this brunette shade as a soft, creamy neutral.

"This color is great for someone who may want to transition from a light or medium honey blonde to brunette," she says. "It's not a huge commitment. You can talk to your colorist about a color gloss that will softly fade within four to six weeks."

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Teddy Bear Blonde

Spring Hair Color Trends About to Take Over

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Discala says that warm tones are most likely to trend this spring because they bring to mind the heat and sunshine of the season. Another warm shade she's predicting will take off once the weather changes is this bright teddy bear blonde that mixes light highlights against a cool base to bring dimension throughout.

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Cinnamon Latte Brunette

Spring Hair Color Trends About to Take Over

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A spin on the popular copper shade, Kevin Murphy's color and style master Leland Olson says that the cinnamon latte hair trend is a deeper shade of red that works great for those with tan and darker skin tones. "They create beautiful contrast and skin tonality," Olson says.

To keep your color vibrant, he says to look for products that will balance the pH of your hair. This will help to ensure that your dye job stays looking fresh. Something like Kevin Murphy's Everlasting Colour Wash and Leave-In Treatment will lock in color thanks to an acidic pH to balance and protect hair.

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Tanned Peach Blonde

Spring Hair Color Trends About to Take Over

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Olson calls this the new strawberry blonde. It is just the right amount of peach to suit all skin tones and undertones. "This neutral beige [is a] slightly peachy blonde [that] is a great blonde tone for clients who are transitioning out of copper colors but want to maintain a balanced, glowing blonde result," he says.

His pro-tip to keeping this shade vibrant: shampoo hair with cooler water. "The hotter the water, the more color will be flushed out of the cuticle, resulting in dull and flat hair color," he explains.

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Cool Champagne Platinum

Spring Hair Color Trends About to Take Over

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"This year, we're going to see platinum with a twist: cool champagne platinum. This blond keeps its coolness but has a soft touch of gold," says Keading. "This color plays well with all skin tones [and] can be fun because it can be one solid color, or you can add a little shadow root for some depth and movement."

To keep this color looking shiny and bright, she says that using a color-safe shampoo is key and recommends something like K18’s PH Maintenance Shampoo. "It’s a gentle cleansing shampoo that will preserve your color," she explains.

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