Hailey Bieber Reveals Her Top 3 Tips for Depuffing Tired Eyes — and What’s Next for Rhode Beauty

As Bieber's birthday approaches, she gifted us with some sound beauty advice.

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Hailey Bieber Rhodes


Hailey Bieber launched her beauty brand Rhode in the summer of 2022 and it went exactly as you’d think; every single product in the five-product range sold out almost immediately, amassing waitlists with thousands of names ever since. The Barrier Restore Cream, Peptide Glazing Fluid, and all three flavors of the Peptide Lip Treatment are each equally loved by shoppers, but the latter has pulled to the forefront as the most covetable and popular Rhode product with thousands of perfect ratings. And I have some good news for the hordes of people on Rhode’s waitlists: Launching on November 22 in honor of Bieber’s birthday, a fourth lip treatment flavor will be released. 

It’s currently available unscented as well as in ‘watermelon slice’ and ‘salted caramel’ flavors, but the trio is expanding with a new, limited-edition lip peptide in ‘vanilla cake.’ Even though it's her birthday, Bieber has a second gift for shoppers: the Birthday Duo, which will include both a Vanilla Cake Lip Treatment and the perennially out-of-stock Peptide Glazing Fluid.

hailey bieber Rhode


She celebrated by introducing me to the product via Zoom chat, setting aside some time to share the inspiration behind it, and some other beauty wisdom. “I like any type of vanilla base and I've always gone for a vanilla-on-vanilla cupcake or vanilla birthday cake,” Bieber says. When she discovered this vanilla scent, she realized “it’s perfect for a [Lip Peptide] coming out around this time of my first birthday that I have with Rhode being out in the world.”

During our video call, I firsthand witnessed Bieber’s pristine, dewy, glass-like complexion. But when I caught a glimpse of my dark under-eye circles in my video box, I realized that her well-rested and vivacious appearance is part of her glow. To that she shared, “I get puffy under my eyes when I’m not rested, so I like when eye creams have caffeine because it’s an ingredient that helps de-puff.” 

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Though dark circles don’t seem to be an issue for the entrepreneur and model, she still had some scientifically sound advice for me (thank god). “Get a high-percentage, straight zinc oxide lotion and tap it under your eyes before you go to bed,” she told me. Zinc is an anti-inflammatory skincare ingredient known to relieve acne, reduce redness and the appearance of scars, and soothe skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. It’s even been shown to improve melasma, which causes dark spots and discoloration, making it a no-brainer for my raccoon eyes. 

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Hailey Bieber also relies on Joan Crawford’s method of facial ice water plunges. “I'm not somebody who ices my skin all the time, but I do really like doing cold immersion therapy, like taking a big bowl of water and ice and putting my face in it.” If that’s too hardcore for you, she also recommends keeping a metal tool, even just a spoon, in the fridge or freezer and using it to massage the skin. 

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You’ll have to wait until November 22 at 11 a.m. ET on November 22 for a rare chance to get your hands on the celebratory Vanilla Cake Peptide Treatment and restock on the Peptide Glazing Fluid. But in the meanwhile, take advantage of these exclusive tips from Beiber to depuff and brighten your skin.

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