This Multi-Use $8 Oil Has Been Dubbed “Magic in a Tiny Bottle” for Hair Growth

The Amazon best seller has 9,000+ perfect ratings.

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Gya Labs CPC - Rosemary Essential Oil + Hair Growth

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Addressing hair loss may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are tons of products on the market that help target fine hair and thinning, from shampoos and serums to dermatologist-approved tools, but Amazon shoppers are relying on this small (but mighty) on-sale $8 oil to thicken their strands.

Gya Labs immediately caught our attention — not only because it’s Amazon’s best-selling essential oil brand, but also due to the 98,500 (and counting) five-star ratings on its collection of oils, which includes more than 100 options like lavender, ginger, eucalyptus, and frankincense. Despite the large variety, we also noticed that shoppers who wanted stronger strands and a boost in hair growth have been raving about the brand’s rosemary oil after seeing positive results. The oil alone has 9,300 five-star ratings from customers who say they’ve “noticed growth” after using it.

Gya Labs Pure Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth & Dry Scalp


Shop now: $8 (Originally $18);

Board-certified dermatologists, Marisa Garshick, MD, and Hadley King, MD previously explained to InStyle that rosemary oil provides multiple benefits across all hair types. This includes boosting hair growth and repairing fragile, damaged strands, which according to Dr. Garshick is “especially beneficial for those dealing with hair loss, breakage, or shedding.” And according to Dr. King, the anti-inflammatory essential oil “can help reduce dandruff, scalp acne, and other types of redness and irritation.” Studies show that it can take up to six months to see results using the oil.

Rosemary oil is also easy to incorporate into your hair care routine; Gya Labs recommends adding it to your shampoo, mixing it with a carrier oil, or directly applying two to three drops on your scalp and massaging throughout your hair. (Note that the oil can cause allergic contact dermatitis, so it’s important to start slowly and patch test.)  

Amazon shoppers who use the oil for hair growth purposes say it helps their “scalp feel better.” One reviewer who struggled with brittle hair and hair loss for years called it “magic in a tiny bottle” for helping their hair in “so many ways” in just a couple of weeks. “My hair now holds a curl, retains moisture… and the shedding has decreased exponentially. The integrity of my hair has definitely improved,” they wrote. Another person said that their hair is “growing back” and “feels thicker” thanks to this essential oil. Overall, shoppers generally note that “a little goes a long way” and that strands are “softer” and “shinier” after use. 

Whether you’re experiencing hair thinning, an irritated scalp, or dry strands, Gya Labs rosemary oil could help — all for just $8 at Amazon

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