Gwyneth Paltrow Just Revealed Who of Her Famous Exes, Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck, Was Better in Bed

'Call Her Daddy' doing the Lord's work.

Gwyneth Paltrow may currently be happily married to her husband of over four years, Brad Falchuk, but that didn’t stop her from spilling some major tea about ex-fiancé Brad Pitt and ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck while taking a walk down memory lane during Tuesday’s episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast — and the Goop founder definitely didn’t hold back.

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Sitting down with host Alex Cooper, the pair discussed relationships and life advice before eventually playing a game called “Brad or Ben?” where Cooper asked a series of rapid-fire questions and Paltrow had to answer who best applied. When faced with the question, “Who is better in bed?” Gwyneth replied: “That's really hard. Because Brad was like the sort of major chemistry, love of your life, and then Ben was, like, technically excellent.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the former actress also got candid about her “major, major love at first sight” connection with Pitt and the reasoning behind their failed engagement. 

"One night we were on the balcony of this house we were renting in this little town in Argentina," she shared of their 1996 proposal. "I wish I remembered exactly what he said, but he proposed, it was fantastic, I was thrilled. We had talked about it, but I was surprised in the moment, I remember that. I must have been 24.”

While Pitt and Paltrow eventually called it quits just six months later, the actress explained that she still stands by the decision and that although the breakup was “really hard,” it was still  “the right thing at that time.”

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“There were a number of things that had happened, he was nine years older than me so he was far more … he knew what he wanted, he was ready to do it and I was kind of all over the place,” Paltrow said. “So it was really one of those difficult things, where I felt like, 'Oh my God, not only am I not ready, I'm not living up to the standards again.' It was a familiar refrain I felt about myself.”

Even so, the Goop founder maintained that she’s still close with Pitt today and appreciates his friendship. “He's a great guy," she continued. "He's wonderful, I really like him a lot.”

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