My Mom and I Both Got Significantly Longer Lashes After Trying the Growth Serum Brooke Shields Uses

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My Mom and I Both Got Significantly Longer Lashes After Trying the Growth Serum Brooke Shields Uses

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When I was younger, a loose eyelash meant it was time to make a wish. Now, a fallen lash fills me with dread, and while that may be dramatic, the sentiment is real. This is because eyelashes take what seems like forever to grow back. But three years ago, I discovered a holy grail serum from a brand that changed the hair game

GrandeLash-MD Lash Enhancing Serum offers a concoction of peptides and amino acids that work together to promote the look of thicker, longer lashes. Grape seed extract, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid also join forces with the above ingredients to condition, protect, and hydrate each individual hair. In other words, each element boosts growth and turns up the false-lash effect. 

Like many things in life, though, the lash regeneration process won’t happen overnight. According to the brand, you’ll need to wait six weeks to see results and three months for complete refinement — though my mom and I tried the serum years ago and saw improvements in as little as three weeks. And while I can’t guarantee the product will work as fast for you, I can share our application secrets.  

Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum


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Without fail, my mom and I would use GrandeLash-MD every single night before bed. We would simply apply the product to our upper lash lines — as if we were using liquid eyeliner — and wait two to three minutes while the serum dried down. Once done, we’d make sure there wasn’t any stray residue, then head to bed — it’s that easy. 

Within a short window of time, my mom’s lashes began to grow noticeably longer and thicker — a sweet surprise considering hers had severely thinned out as she’d gotten older. My lashes followed suit, fanning at the sides and even curling on the ends. However, my transformation was slightly less dramatic than my mom’s, as I had pretty healthy lashes to begin with. But as we continued using the product over the recommended six-month cycle, our results only got better with fluffy, full lashes that didn’t need mascara to look good.

Over 28,000 Amazon shoppers are just as impressed, with a reviewer saying their lashes are now so “insane…everyone always asks if they’re fake.” Multiple users have also shared that it’s a safe bet for sensitive, contact-wearing eyes, as the product is non-irritating and gentle for most. Some noted that “consistency is key” to achieving jaw-dropping results, meaning using this product sporadically won’t cut it.

Brooke Shields is yet another fan of Grande Cosmetics’ serum, saying she “highly” recommends the product. Though, the actress doesn’t use GrandeLash-MD on her lashes but on her brows, and if you’ve seen her arches, you’re probably just as sold on the tube of magic as I am. 

But if you decide to snag Grande Cosmetics’ GrandeLash-MD Lash Enhancing Serum, there’s just one thing I suggest you do: take before and after photos. You won’t be disappointed with the progress, but will be thankful for the proof.

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