This Internet-Famous Lash Growth Brand Made a Scalp Serum That Users Call a “Life Saver” for Thinning Hair

Reviewers saw results after just three weeks.

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The Brand Behind Amazon's Best-Selling Lash Serum Made a Scalp Treatment That Shoppers Say "Makes All The Difference" In Hair Regrowth
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Anyone who’s attempted to thicken their hair knows the struggle of finding an effective product. Primarily, this challenge stems from the unfortunate reality that hair loss can be caused by so many factors, not to mention strands are much more delicate than most realize. As trichologist Penny James previously explained to InStyle, “Our hair is the tiniest organ in our body; it is very complex. Our hair is a fiber that needs to be nourished and taken care of,” adding, “Keeping a healthy environment for hair to grow is key.”

Every hair on our body is susceptible to damage, including the small, fragile ones that make up our lashes and brows. For this reason, you’ve almost certainly heard of Grande Cosmetics’ Grande Lash-MD and Grande Brow serums, which blew up on TikTok for giving users noticeable length and fullness in a matter of weeks. Consequently, it’s no surprise that the brand has also entered into the complex world of scalp care and hair regrowth with the GrandeHair Hair Enhancing Serum. In addition to haircare heroes like castor oil, which soothes and strengthens follicles, and glycerin, which draws moisture to the strands, the formula features peptides, a buzzy ingredient that hydrates and fortifies hair in defense against free radical damage.

GrandeHAIR | Hair Enhancing Serum

Grande Cosmetics

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While no growth product is a true “miracle,” shoppers agree that this serum lives up to its promises. “I've only been using this for about three weeks but I feel like the hair around my temples has more baby hairs, and I'm definitely not losing as much hair in the shower,” wrote one reviewer, adding that the serum is easy to apply and doesn’t leave their curls oily. Another fan raved that it “works wonders'' on their receding hairline. “Now I can wear a pulled-back ponytail with confidence,” they added. A third simply declared the formula is “a life saver” for thinning hair.

Whether or not you’re already a Grande Cosmetics fan, this nourishing treatment is worth a try. Shop it on the brand’s site for $95.

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