Shoppers Say Their Feet Have “Never Been So Soft” Since Using This “Transformative” Cream, and It’s on Sale

Cracked heels don’t stand a chance.

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shoppers say their feet have "never been so soft" since using this "transformative" on sale cream

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The condition that my feet are in is… not something that can be discussed in polite society. Eventually, sandal weather will rear its head, but even months before that, the feeling of my rough and scaly heels on the hardwood floor is enough to make me scream. If you are in the same boat, a great option, according to shoppers, is Glytone’s Ultra Softening Heel and Elbow Cream, which is now 20 percent off. 

This product takes a two-pronged approach to solving the issues of calluses, dryness, and cracked heels and elbows. Part one is through exfoliation, courtesy of a high concentration of glycolic acid (a type of alpha hydroxy acid). It exfoliates the skin, sloughing away those thick, dead layers of built-up dead cells that create that hardened, cracked texture. The second part is extreme moisture and hydration by way of glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it prevents moisture from escaping and draws it in from the air and up to the surface from deeper layers of the skin. 

Ultra Softening Heel and Elbow Cream


Shop now: $43 with code SAVE20 (Originally $54);

Dozens of five-star reviewers say that this Glytone Heel and Elbow Cream “completely transforms feet.” Many shoppers claim to be repeat buyers because the product simply “works so well.” One shopper wrote, “I’ve struggled with dry, cracked skin on my heels for so long and since I started using this cream, my feet look and feel great.” Another called this “the best heel cream ever” and that “[their] feet have never looked so healthy and never been so soft.” 

The Ultra Softening Heel and Elbow Cream is the highlight of Glytone’s Presidents’ Day Sale in my (very calloused and cracked heel) opinion, but there are more face skincare-centric products if that’s what you’re in the market for. Head to Glytone to shop the Heel Cream and other sale products with the code SAVE20

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