How to Make Your Wardrobe Witchier and Embrace Glam Goth

It's more than just a seasonal thing.

How to Make your Wardrobe Witchier and to Embrace Glam Goth

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If you're somewhere on the fashion or beauty side of TikTok, you've likely seen a few videos aboutglam goth. Sure, the aesthetic is far from new — glam goth has been popular for decades ('90s kids will remember it well) — but even still, it's on the rise again, and feels especially relevant during spooky season.

Being a witch, goth fashion has long been a key part of my look. I've dressed in moody, black styles every day since childhood after I fell in love with Elvira’s rad vibe. So, if you want to align yourself with this major trend, I've got plenty of advice. Ahead, I'm breaking down a few key ways in which you can add a little bit of glam goth magic to your wardrobe and lean into your inner witch.

Glam Goth Witch Style

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Choose your colors wisely.

Although black may seem like the obvious choice when dressing glam goth, the truth is, there are no right or wrong colors, since many witches practice color magic. In short, this means that they style themselves in specific shades in order to help manifest their desires. Darker colors, however, are worn for protection from negative energy and psychic vampires, so it makes sense that they should be incorporated into your glam goth wardrobe.

If you're hoping to give things an edgier spin, it's also worth adding texture to your look such as lace, velvet, or pleather, and reaching for other dark hues, including plum, black, chocolate, brown, and bordeaux. Chokers with grommets, spikes, or amulets, along with black, platform, lace-up combat boots, will ensure you fully nail the goth vibe. 

Don't forget about glam.

When it comes to the glam part of this aesthetic, makeup is an asset. Witches like to wear makeup and perfume because it's part of Glamour Magic, which is a form of divination that allows them to manifest their aspirations. A little red lipstick can bring in confidence, while pink lipstick can bring in love. Therefore, going full-out with glam and beauty products will be an essential part of embracing your witchy self.

The same thing applies to perfume essences, too. Rose is great for confidence while patchouli is ideal for protection. Bergamont promotes joy and lavender brings calmness to everyone.

Glam Goth - Witch Style

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Bring on the breezy details.

Stevie Nicks is known for her witchy style, so take a note from the singer and find the perfect scarf or shawl to wear over a long, flowing dress (a solid color or floral print will work just fine, although black lace is also extremely witchy). Another way to add some glam goth to your outfit is by rocking a breezy, bohemian crochet dress in a dark color, perhaps with bell sleeve details. Even a cool vintage mini dress can do the trick when combined with the right attitude. Bonus points if these pieces come with their own long stories behind them.

Go a little rock ‘n roll.

Concert tees with ripped jeans, combined with safety pins running through them, are a punk aesthetic that even non-witches enjoy wearing. Therefore, if you’re going for a low-key witchy outfit, embrace your inner rockstar and sport your favorite heavy metal band tee. If you want to upgrade into full witch-inspired, glam goth wear, pull on faux leather pants to complete this badass outfit.

Glam Goth - Witch Style

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Make things a little mystical.

Don’t forget to add mystical bling to your look — and definitely feel free to go overboard. Try crystal necklaces, rings, and bracelets, since the energy from these will give you strength. You can also wear jewelry that aligns with your zodiac sign or has spiritual meaning to you. No matter what you choose, the jewelry that you wear should have significant meaning to you. You are a powerful being and are able to create anything you desire through setting proper intentions and mindfulness. The more you embrace the spiritual parts of yourself, the easier it will be to feel comfortable in your new magical, glam goth wardrobe.

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