How One Breast Cancer Survivor Found Her Style Again — And the Perfect New Year's Outfit

Gina Boyer was looking to spice up her Canadian tuxedo uniform, and InStyle's fashion editor helped her do just that.

InStyle Breast Cancer Survivor Gina Boyer Styling


Gina Boyer was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2020, and after receiving a double mastectomy, the casting director noticed her sense of style change.

“I’m a feminist,” she tells InStyle’s senior fashion editor Samantha Sutton. “My breasts don’t define me, but it is strange not to have these parts on your body anymore. Now, I have a definite uniform that seems a bit androgynous I’ve noticed.”

But Boyer is looking to shake things up from her normal denim-on-denim aesthetic for an upstate New Year’s Eve party, while keeping a classic and sophisticated silhouette. She and Sutton teamed up to find the perfect outfit for the holiday bash to wow her fashion-forward friends and usher in 2023. “Everyone gets dressed up and does their best,” she says. “It’s really chic.”

The first outfit Sutton pulled for Boyer included split-hem leather trousers and a white tunic with faux-feather trimmed sleeves layered under a blush pink shawl. To give the outfit some New Year’s Eve bling, the two added some silver jewelry including a necklace, ring, cuff bracelet, and earrings.

The next ‘fit was inspired by Boyer’s love of kaftans, which Sutton took in a slightly different direction. “I feel cool in this,” she says. “I feel like an elevated version of myself." Watch the video above to see her whole style journey, and get a look at the outfit that inspired her to say, "I got out of the Canadian tuxedo — who knew? I can start over again.”

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