I Got a Gemstone Massage in Singapore — It Was Worth the Trip

Here's why.

CLEAN SLATE: I Got a Gemstone Massage in Singapore — It Was Worth the Trip


If you're yearning for a luxurious spa experience like no other, then a gemstone massage at Raffles in Singapore will truly satisfy your craving for relaxation.

Raffles, Singapore is a luxurious establishment with a storied 100 year history. This iconic establishment is world-renowned for its reputation of being a favorite among celebrities, dignitaries, and other notable guests. From its captivating architecture to the attentive service from staff, I’d definitely say they offer an unparalleled sense of luxury and sophistication.

The hotel is an ideal hideaway for those looking for a luxurious retreat. From the private butlers and lavish spa with clean products, to the breathtaking restaurants and bars, guests are spoiled for choice at this iconic destination.

As soon as I entered Raffles Spa, I knew I was in for an unforgettable experience. The therapist welcomed me with a friendly smile and a glass of gemstone-infused water to hydrate before the treatment. Next, I was guided to the spa’s thermal facilities which included an aromatherapy-infused steam room, a cooling ice fountain, a toasty sauna, and a refreshing vitality pool. After taking my time to soak in these amenities, I was shown to my treatment room.

CLEAN SLATE: I Got a Gemstone Massage in Singapore — It Was Worth the Trip


Designed by the prestigious New York design firm Champalimaud, the spa features seven stunning treatment suites, each named after a precious gem and a private couple suite, called The Gem Suite. After being shown around the breathtaking space, I was taken to the Amethyst room for my treatment.

CLEAN SLATE: I Got a Gemstone Massage in Singapore — It Was Worth the Trip


As I stepped into the softly lit room, I was welcomed by a calming melody playing in the background. The therapist proceeded by showing me the different gems and oils that she would be using for the massage and walked me through their benefits. She explained that amethyst oil, with its calming properties, would be applied to the head and neck area to help with relaxation. Rose quartz, an oil known for its uplifting effect and passion, would be applied to the hand, chest, and heart area. For the stomach area, carnelian oil infused with ginger extract and orange was recommended as it helps with circulation and detoxing. Lastly, garnet oil infused with turmeric extract and ginseng was recommended, as it helps ground people with fast-paced lives (I definitely needed this). The oils sounded so wonderful that I couldn't wait to experience them.

For the next step,  I was asked to lay down on the massage bed. The therapist began applying the gemstone oils to my body, combining traditional massage techniques with the healing power of the gemstones. The gemstones used (amethyst, rose quartz, carnelian, and garnet) are believed to have healing and balancing energies.

During the massage, the stones were heated and used rub down the body. The heat and the pressure of the stones was incredibly soothing, they worked wonders on my tense muscles, allowing me to slip into a deep state of relaxation. When the massage was finally over, I felt reenergized and rejuvenated. The experience was nothing short of magical. 

From the stunning landscaped gardens and delicious restaurants to the exquisite architecture, relaxing gemstone massage, and beautiful pool, I was surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere that was perfect for a self-care getaway.

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