Gabrielle Union's High-Slit Tuxedo Dress Was Covered in So Many Sequins

We can practically hear it jingling through the screen.

Gabrielle Union

Last night, Gabrielle Union made a dazzling entrance at the 2023 Independent Spirit Awards, where she was nominated for Best Supporting Performance for her role in The Inspection. Dressed to win, the actress stepped onto the red carpet in a Gucci dress that could rival any disco ball. 

For the formal occasion, Gabrielle wore a bright purple tuxedo dress that was clad in so many sequins that we could practically hear it jingling through the screen. In addition to the purple sparkles, the midi dress also featured glittery black lapels and larger beading at the skirt, as well as a thigh-high slit. She accessorized with platform sandals (also Gucci) and a glitzy diamond-encrusted necklace — just in case there wasn't already enough bling. 

Gabrielle Union


Union, who was joined by her husband Dwyane Wade at the award ceremony, styled her shoulder-length hair in loose waves with a middle part, and completed her glam with feathery lashes and pink lipgloss.

The Inspection is inspired by director Elegance Bratton's experience as a gay man facing homophobia in the Marines and from his own mother who is played by Union. As a parent to a transgender daughter, Union revealed she had trouble relating to her role. "I normally look for characters that have some chunk of me in them, and I did not see that in Inez," she said. "I always look at homophobes as trash. And I'm like, 'Google is free and it's not my job — I'm not doing free labor for you to figure out how to love your kid.'" 

She continued, "But through the process, it's like, 'Oh, maybe I'm not so different in terms of what lead me to that point.' I'm never going to reject my child. None of my children are disposable. But I get the deep desire to be seen as worthy. And anything that threatens that can go. And for some people, that includes their children."

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