I Tried the First- Ever Skincare Patch That Targets Ingrown Hairs, and It Got Rid of My Most Stubborn Spots

It's a scientific marvel.

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Skin Patch Targets Ingrown Hairs
Fur Skincare.

Prepare yourself for a sort of TMI, graphic review; today, I’m discussing ingrown hairs — and a nearly miraculous solution for them. Meet Fur’s Ingrown Microdart Patches, the first-ever patch to target ingrown hairs. The brand is focused on taking care of body hair and the skincare problems that can arise alongside it, and its newest product does just that. Fur’s signature globe-like bottles are a mainstay on my skincare shelf, as I rely on its Ingrown Concentrate more than I’d like to. Still, between my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, keratosis pilaris, and frequent shaving, the ingrown hairs on my body are just too stubborn. 

The patches tend to ingrown hairs through tiny microdarts, which gently push through the most superficial layer of the skin to deliver the ingrown-blasting formula. This formula is heavy on salicylic acid (a chemical exfoliant), hyaluronic acid (a moisturizing ingredient), cica (a soothing anti-inflammatory), and licorice root (a dark spot-preventing and fading plant). To use, apply over the designated spot just as you would a pimple patch.

Ingrown Microdart Patches


Shop now: $28; nordstrom.com

I put these patches to work as soon as I received them. I haven’t worn pants in 15 years, and so, come winter, I cycle through dozens of tights. Between the constricting material and my preference for lace fabrics, the hair on my thighs is constantly squashed and suffocated. I applied one of these quarter-size patches to an ingrown bump on the back of my thigh before getting dressed and heading out for the day. 

The patch is so minimal and comfortable, I actually forgot I had put it on, remembering only when my fingers grazed over the material while applying body lotion that night. I was surprised that it was still there, unmoved, with no peeling at the sides. I took off the patch and observed that the microdarts had dissolved, though there seemed to be a serum left over. I let my thighs breathe for the night and checked on the bump the next morning. 

This ingrown hair that had plagued me for nearly a month had finally surfaced — I was and remain impressed. Following that initial success, I applied more patches to the other bumps on my thighs and likewise experienced great results. I did have to apply two patches to get rid of the most stubborn and deep ingrown hair, but the rest were treated with just one. I also found that there’s an unexpected benefit to the treatment’s patch format: It protected the existing bump and prevented it from getting worse or further irritated. 

Fur’s Ingrown Microdart Patches comes in a 12-pack for $28. Head to Nordstrom to get yours.

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