Shoppers in Their 60s and 70s Say Amazon’s Best-Selling Wrinkle Patches Make Facial Lines “Barely Visible”

One reviewer said they look 10 years younger.

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Amazon Wrinkle Patches Best Seller

Before neurotoxins, like Botox Cosmetic, there were Frownies. In 1889, the facial patches became popular in light of their wrinkle-preventing, line-smoothing capabilities. Today, Frownies are an Amazon best-seller and beloved by thousands of shoppers — particularly those in their 60s and 70s.

Frownies Forehead and Between Eyes Wrinkle Patches The Original Wrinkle Patch Non Invasive Wrinkle Smoothers for Forehead Wrinkles


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Frownies are paper facial patches designed to “soften wrinkles and expression lines,” per the brand. Worn overnight, or for “a minimum of three hours” prior to an event, Frownies temporarily smooth the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.

Understanding how Frownies work requires knowledge of how facial lines are formed in the first place. Simply put, facial lines and wrinkles on the face — specifically, in areas where neurotoxins are commonly injected, including the forehead, between the brows, and at the corners of the eyes — are caused by muscle contractions beneath the skin’s surface. After years of emoting — e.g. smiling, squinting, and furrowing — combined with a lack of collagen production due to aging, divots, that ultimately translate to a visible lines, form on the overlying skin

Frownies patches physically prevent certain muscle movements below the skin; namely, those that are responsible for lines and wrinkles. Additionally, the patches pull the skin slightly taut and iron it out into a smoother-looking state. 

Frownies are straightforward and easy to use: Simply dampen the patch with water to activate the adhesive. Then, place the patch over the wrinkle you want to smooth, and wait for the patch to work its magic. Frownies come in different shapes and sizes to comfortably accommodate various wrinkle-prone areas of the face — specifically, between the brows, across the forehead, and at the corners of the mouth and eyes. You can also customize their shape by cutting them to size.

Shoppers in their 60s and 70s swear by Frownies. According to one 60-something shopper, who has been using Frownies “for years” and looks “in [their] early 50s,” because the patches “keep [their] forehead smooth.” Another shopper, in their 70s, notes that “they work to soften lines,” adding that they regret not trying Frownies sooner. Says yet another shopper in their 60s, “the 11’s [frown lines] are barely visible” in the morning after wearing Frownies through the night.

To experience the simplicity and line-smoothing Frownie facial patches provide, shop the time-tested Frownies facial patches at Amazon. 

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