You Only Need This One Product to Pull Off the Frosted Lips Trend

Y2K is back in full force.

How-to Pull Off the Frosted Lips Trend

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As a content creator and pro makeup artist for almost a decade, I’m always on the hunt for a good beauty hack. And it feels like every time I blink, there’s something new trending on social media – a lot of which can be fun, but they’re not always practical. Namely, frosted lipstick.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this striking lip trend (hello Y2K!), but I’m glad to see it make a comeback. What I don't love, however, is seeing people layer their favorite shimmery blushes or highlighters on top of their lip color to create a magical frosted finish.

Not that there's anything wrong with doing this, but my first thought is always, “How can we reapply our lip when we're on the go without carrying around our makeup bag?”

Thankfully, these days there are plenty of products on the market that include shimmer and were actually made for lips. My number one choice is Jouer's Long-Wear Metallic Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick, which comes in three shades: Citronade Rose, Bronze Rose, and Rose Gold.

This ultra-pigmented metallic liquid lipstick is perfect to mimic the trend. I was shocked at how stunning this product looked on my lips, and an added bonus is that the vegan formula contains vitamin E to condition the lips.

As for the finish, expect a metallic matte that's quite frankly perfect for the holiday season.

Jouer Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick – Metallic

To shop: $19;

If you're someone who's curious about the frosted lipstick trend, but doesn't typically stray from your go-to lip shade, there are ways to keep it subtle while still being adventurous.

Typically, I like to pick one element of the face to be the standout, in this case we are spotlighting the lips. So if you want, you can keep the eyes understated. A bold black winged eyeliner, or just focusing on mascara would be perfect to pair with your frosted lip.

Jouer Lip Cream
Courtesy of Anthea Persaud.

If you’re feeling a bit more bold, a siren eye would look stunning with a frosty lip for any special occasion. But regardless of which look you decide to go with, an inner eye corner highlight is a must to help tie-in the lips and make everything cohesive. I like to just grab whatever highlighter I have on hand and pop it on my inner corner with a small brush.

Then voilà, you've got the perfect frosted lip (and eye) look for the holidays.

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