Shoppers Call This Growth Serum an “Eyelash Miracle” — and It’s 46% Off

Reviewers saw thicker lashes in just two weeks.

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Fraiche Eyelash Serum Amazon Prime

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The irony of eyelash-enhancing products like curlers, extensions, and even mascara is that they can cause breakage and thinning of the delicate hairs, ultimately giving you less to work with. While going makeup-free is one of the simplest solutions to recovering fullness, it can put those of us with short, fine, or sparse lashes in a frustrating predicament. The next best option? Finding a nourishing, growth-promoting serum that mends breakage without bothering your eyes or causing weird side effects like changing the color of your iris. For this reason, so many shoppers turn to gentle, castor oil-based formulas like the Fraiche Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Treatment, which is 56 percent off until midnight. 

Castor oil provides “essential proteins and nutrients to hair follicles,” while preventing follicle inflammation, trichologist Bridgette Hill previously told InStyle. As a result, the fatty acid-packed ingredient strengthens and nourishes existing hairs while creating an environment suitable for new growth. This particular formula comes in the form of a dual-sided applicator; one end holds a thin, precise brush for dabbing the formula onto your lash line, while the other features a spooly for brushing it through your brows and lashes. 

Live Fraiche Castor Oil for Eyelashes and Eyebrows


Shop now: $10 (Originally $22);

Even shoppers with sensitive eyes and skin saw impressive results without experiencing any irritation. “This product is an eyelash miracle,” said one user, who noted that the formula doesn’t burn their eyes and made their lashes feel “so full and long” in a matter of weeks. Another reviewer called it a “holy grail,” adding that they also saw a difference in lash thickness after two weeks. “I didn’t expect much from it, but I’ve been using it faithfully for a month now and I can’t believe how much longer and stronger my lashes are,” wrote a third, initially skeptical shopper.

This nourishing, shopper-loved formula is 56 percent off through October 12, when Amazon Prime Early Access Sale ends. For just $10, you really can’t go wrong — shop it now

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