Amazon Shoppers Say This Editor-Approved Exfoliating Scrub Is a “Saving Grace” for Keratosis-Prone Skin

It makes redness and bumps “disappear.”

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Amazon Shoppers Say This $12 Exfoliating Scrub "Cleared up Their Chicken Skin"

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Coined "strawberry skin" or "chicken skin," the common bumpy skin condition is medically known as keratosis pilaris (KP). As someone with KP, I know it can be frustrating to get random flare-ups. If you are looking to minimize the appearance of these bumps, First Aid Beauty has a whole line dedicated to remedying the skin condition, but InStyle editors and Amazon shoppers are raving about one particular product from the collection: the KP Bump Eraser, an exfoliating body scrub. 

In companion with physical exfoliation, it offers a chemical removal of dead skin. The KP scrub contains a fast-acting, powerful combination of chemical and physical exfoliants that reduce dry, rough bumps on the skin. Glycolic and lactic acids loosen the top layer of the skin and decongest pores, while exfoliating pumice beads remove dead skin cells to reveal smooth and refreshed skin. The formula is dermatologist-tested, vegan, and cruelty-free, making it a great option for sensitive skin types.

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub 10% AHA


Shop now: $30;

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Mark previously told InStyle that "one of the best and most commonly used products for keratosis pilaris has been ammonium lactate or lactic acid," which the scrub contains, in addition to 10 percent AHA, "a form of lactic and glycolic acid," Mark explains. "It therefore makes sense that this product would be beneficial."

InStyle beauty writer Tamim Alnuweiri is also a fan of the KP Bump Eraser, calling it “the MVP of [her] body care routine.” She uses just a dollop, but  describes the formula as being "wonderful and instantaneously effective…my skin is smooth and almost completely bump-free."

Not only is this scrub dermatologist- and InStyle editor-approved but it also has over 19,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers who share how the KP scrub "cleared up their "chicken skin" almost immediately." One five-star reviewer said they had tried everything for their KP over the last 30 years but "using [using the scrub] two or three times a week in the shower…completely changed their skin to silky smooth." A final reviewer said they have been using the scrub for over two years, and "it helps with redness, minimizing pores, and making most of [their bumps] disappear." The same reviewer calls the exfoliator a "saving grace for chicken skin."

Treat yourself to smooth skin with First Aid Beauty’s KP Bump Eraser, available for $30 on Amazon.

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