My 70-Year-Old Mom Swears This French Anti-Aging Cream Plumps Skin and Relieves “All Dryness”

I’ve never seen her so excited about a moisturizer.

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My 70-Year-Old Mom Swears This French Anti-Aging Cream Plumps Skin and Relieves “All Dryness”

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My 70-year-old mom is discerning with her skincare products and has the complexion to show for it. Recently, she FaceTimed me — somewhat randomly, it seemed — with the excited demeanor of a lottery winner. “I’m calling to tell you about this face cream!” she beamed, holding up a jar of Filorga’s Hydra-Filler Moisturizer. “I absolutely love it!” Admittedly, I hadn’t tried the product myself; her glowing accolade and her skin — which, incidentally, my sister and I had remarked looked exceptional just the week prior — has me eager to get my hands on the moisturizer ASAP.

Filorga Hydra-Filler Pro-Youth Skin Moisturizer Balm


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Filorga Hydra-Filler is a highly hydrating anti-aging moisturizer designed to deliver a “micro-filler” effect, per the brand. Infused with two forms of hyaluronic acid — aka skincare’s hydrating superhero ingredient — the formula floods skin with hydration on multiple levels to impart visible, youthful-looking plumpness. The result: fine lines appear less prominent in moments, and skin feels smoother in seconds.

ICYMI: Filorga is the number-one anti-aging skincare brand in French pharmacies, per the brand — which, given the plethora of fantastic products you can pick up at any Parisian drugstore, speaks volumes. Created by an aesthetic-focused physician in 1978, its products are designed to deliver line-fading, skin-plumping effects similar to the results you’d expect from injectable treatments. Germane to Filorga, and found in all its formulas, is its anti-aging complex: a 50-ingredient elixir of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes, and antioxidants blended to mimic “medical applications,” according to the brand.

The Hydra-Filler formula has a distinct gel-balm texture, which, according to my mom, feels “extremely emollient, but not so much as to feel greasy or heavy — which is rare to find in a moisturizer.” Just a small scoop of product mitigates “all dryness,” she added. In fact, she even reported that Hydra-Filler “remedies” the dry patches she experiences “after using Retin-A [prescription retinol] the night before.” 

Shoppers echo similar sentiments. According to one reviewer, the formula “feels lightweight going on but is still so moisturizing.” Another shopper, now in their 50s, shared that their "friends have been [saying] how good [their] skin looks" since using the product. Another Hydra-Filler fan called it “the best ever product for wrinkles,” while another added its wrinkle-smoothing power “literally miraculous” after the transformation they saw in their husband’s lines. “He looks at least 8 years younger,” they wrote.

Try the skin-plumping, aesthetics-inspired French face cream that’s a favorite for my mom and many others; shop Filorga Hydra-Filler at Amazon.

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