10 Festival Hairstyles That'll Release Your Inner Child

Be playful, be bold, and dive head first into those butterfly clips.

Festival Hairstyles That'll Release Your Inner Child 

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There’s something about festival season that is perfect for letting your imagination run wild and free — especially when it comes to styling your hair. Not that you ever need an excuse to experiment with hair trends, but festival hairstyles are some of the most fun out there. 

You can experiment with different types of braids, add adorable retro accessories, and style your hair in intricate designs — the beauty looks are unmatched. So, if you’re gearing up for festival season as we are, you are in luck. Below, find 10 festival hairstyles that will get your creative juices flowing. You’ll want to save these for your mood board later. 

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Face-Framing Braids

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Instagram @vanessahudgens

When it comes to hairstyles, nothing defines your face quite like mini face-framing braids. Here, Vanessa Hudgens pinned hers slightly back and let the braids blend into the rest of her long hair.

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Structural Top Knot

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Michael Tullberg/WireImage

Elevate your top knot by giving it structure and architectural design, like Janelle Monae’s. Here, they wear their natural textured hair in intricate twists with silver string woven throughout.

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Single Braided Tendril

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Instagram @gigihadid

If your festival of choice is going to be out in the sun, wearing a baseball cap is not only stylish but will help keep your head cool. To add some style to your overall look, take a cue from Gigi Hadid and opt for a single braided tendril for ultra cool-girl vibes. 

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Mermaid Braid

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Instagram @owengould

Braids are an easy — and functional — style for all that dancing you’re going to be doing. Go for a classic like a mermaid braid, as seen on Gemma Chan, for something effortless and easy-going. 

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Tiny Bows

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Instagram @haileybieber

Who says you can’t style short hair in a fun way? Speak to your inner child with these baby pigtails and dress them up like Hailey Bieber with delicate tiny bows. 

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Twisted Bandanas

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Instagram @joansmalls

When in doubt, put your hair in a bun. It’s easy, will keep your hair out of your face as you rock out to music, and will help keep you cool if you’re out in the sun all day. But it doesn’t have to be boring. Dress it up with colorful headpieces, like Joan Smalls’ two bandanas wrapped together to make a headband. 

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Cascading Braids

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Derek White/Getty Images

Wear your natural curls in protective styles this festival season for both fashion and function. Tessa Thompson wears her hair in these super-long box braids for a regal look.

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Mini Top Knots

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Instagram @yarashahidi

Those with natural curls can also opt for these Bantu knot-like top knots, like the ones on Yara Shahidi. Here, she wears her top knots loose with her baby hairs slicked and styled along the hairline.

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Wet Bun

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Instagram @jourdandunn

When you just want your hair to have a strong hold, the wet hair look is for you. Here, Jourdan Dunn wears her low bun with her hair slicked back with that “I-just-got-out-of-the-shower” shine we all know and love. 

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‘90s Butterflies

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Instagram @sarahpotempa

The nostalgia is strong with anything ‘90s related. Channel everyone’s favorite era by placing mini colorful butterfly clips along the front tendrils to frame your face, à la Camila Cabello, for something cutesy and fun.

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