This 5-Step Fenty Skin Kit Is Always in My Travel Tote, and It’s on Sale for a Limited Time

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Fenty mini travel skincare set

Fenty Beauty

My trip-packing style is scrambled — especially when I’m assembling a skincare stash, which feels particularly daunting ahead of a long trip. Naturally, throwing liquids into one's carry-on 10 minutes before leaving for the airport does not bode well for security checkpoints. In light of my carelessness, I’ve surrendered some of my favorite essences, mists, and moisturizers to the TSA’s sad trash bins over the years. 

Of course, travel-sized skincare is a thing. Prior to the Fenty Skin Mini Must-Haves Set, however, I’d struggled to find a TSA-friendly set that met my (perhaps picky) standards. Rihanna always provides, though, and this five-piece kit packed with skincare perfection is yet another example. It contains everything you need to combat travel-induced dryness, and has saved my skin from its otherwise crusty post-flight fate.

Mini Skin Must Haves 5-Piece Face + Body Set

Fenty Beauty

Shop now: $46 (Originally $65); 

Included, you’ll find a Total Cleans’r cleanser, Fat Water toner-serum, Hydra Vizor SPF day moisturizer, Instant Reset night moisturizer, and Buttah Drop body moisturizer. The set features everything you need for cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and protecting your skin from UV rays (which, for what it’s worth, can penetrate windows — protect yourselves, window seaters!) In addition to a fully fledged, four-piece face care lineup, a body moisturizer is also included, giving your limbs the gleaming goodness they deserve after a long day of travel. Each of the products delivers maximum hydration and glow, making them ideal for thwarting the drying nature of airplane air — doubly so in the winter months, or what I’ve dubbed “dry skin season.” 

While these products are diminutive in size —  each complies with TSA requirements and fits neatly in any travel tote — they’re maximally effective. The formulas are the same as their full-size counterparts, which have gleaned rave reviews from shoppers. 

The Total Cleans’r cleanser nixes grime and makeup for a fresh-faced feel anytime (mid-flight, post-night out, after a long day at the beach, etc.) without stripping the skin of moisture thanks to hydrating fig and quince extracts. I love the pearly pink color, too, which makes the whole face washing experience a bit more fun.

Post-cleanse, the Fat Water toner-serum imparts skin-quenching, purifying goodness with hydrating cactus flower, brightening Barbados cherry, and pore-reducing niacinamide. The product is a two-in-one formula, which makes for a speedy yet uncompromising step in any travel skincare routine.

The Instant Reset moisturizer, one of my favorite overnight masks of all time, proves just as fantastic in this mini version. Due to hydrating baobab, hyaluronic acid, and aloe, a little bit goes a long way to restore suppleness and softness — try slapping it on at the beginning of a flight for ultra-glowy skin when you land.

Of course, no skincare lineup is complete with SPF. This set includes another highly lauded product, the HydraVizor day moisturizer. I love its fast-absorbing finish, which allows me to swiftly continue applying my foundation when I’m in a rush. The niacinamide- and Kalahari melon-packed formula is oil-free, making it a product my oil-averse boyfriend and I can share on the go — it’s a win for all skin types. 

The final product, the Butta Drop body moisturizer is infused with shea butter and sunflower and coconut oils. Out of all the items in the kit, I’ve found this adorable body butter particularly practical for travel; in years past, I’ve skipped packing body products completely, as most are bulky and difficult to transport.

I’d recommend this pint-sized skin care routine for virtually anyone, particularly anyone who has upcoming travel plans or skin that veers dry in the winter. On that note, each product is intended for all skin types, so you really can’t go wrong. From a sensorial standpoint, there’s something about whipping out a matching Fenty Skin set in an airport bathroom that just revives one’s spirit, you know? 

If you, like I, have witnessed a TSA agent tossing your pricey products into the trash one too many times, consider this set your simple solution. The Mini Skin Must-Haves 5-Piece Set is on sale until December 4, just shy of $20 off its original price. Snag one for yourself — and any skin-care loving giftees this holiday season — while it’s still marked down and in stock. Get it on sale for $46 at Fenty Beauty today.

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