5 Ways to

Refresh and Rejuvenate

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Life starts to look brighter in the spring: The days grow longer, the air gets warmer, and flowers reappear after their winter hibernation. But this year feels a little different, as many of us are still working (and parenting and exercising…) from home.

This spring, hit reset with a new after-work routine accompanied by a crisp, refreshing glass of Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc. Sponsored by Whitehaven, here are five invigorating ideas that will leave you feeling reenergized and renewed.

1. Explore New Seasonal Flavors

After a long day staring at a screen, head to the kitchen and create something delicious. Pour yourself a glass of crisp, beautifully balanced Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc to sip while you cook and get started prepping seasonal ingredients for a new-to-you recipe like roasted radishes or asparagus quiche. No matter the recipe, you really can’t go wrong with ultra-fresh produce and the tropical fruit notes of Whitehaven. And don’t be afraid to adlib and add a splash of wine to the dish.

2. Soak Up Some Sunbeams

Whether you live in a city, the suburbs, or by the water, golden-hour light is always gorgeous. About 30 minutes before the sun sets (check your phone’s weather app to time it right), head out for a leisurely walk around the block or to a park to watch the sun go down and the sky light up. Venture out solo, or invite some friends to come along for a sunset picnic. As the sun sinks from sight, spend a moment considering the highlights or challenges you faced that day, as well as what you hope to achieve tomorrow.

3. Flex Your Brain with a Virtual
Game Date

In 2020, seeing our friends, family, or colleagues through a screen went from feeling odd to feeling oddly normal. Take your next weekly virtual happy hour to the next level—and engage your brain in a fun, non-work challenge—by playing a game with friends or family. Try a trivia challenge or a classic board game everyone owns, or whatever online cooperative game is currently trending. Prep your snack plate, pour yourself a glass of Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc with refreshing notes of guava and white peach, and remember what it’s like to just play and have fun.

4. Go Green (Inside or Out)

Caring for greenery (whether it’s a landscaped garden or just a couple of potted herbs on your windowsill) is not only a pleasant way to enjoy nature, but it also provides a host of holistic benefits. Gardening has been found to boost your mood and give you a bit of a workout. Even tending to indoor plants can help to reduce stress and improve focus.

5. Say “Yes” to You-Time by
Saying “No”

Self-care isn’t just about caring more for yourself; it also can mean caring less about other people’s expectations. One evening, tell yourself—and your loved ones—that you’ll be taking some serious alone time, and do just that. Say no to any social obligations, chores, or work-related tasks; then turn off the phone and computer, and simply spend an hour or two doing whatever you feel like doing. Pour yourself a glass of bright and zesty Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc and finally finish the Thursday crossword puzzle or do some virtual yoga (followed by wine)—just do you. Tending to your most basic needs, without worrying about what others think, is the best way to restore your energy and feel refreshed in both body and mind, making you better able to take care of others.

Hit reset, feel refreshed and rejuvenated with these tips while enjoying a glass of Whitehaven Wine.