Timeless Treasures: Explore The World of Roberto Coin and The New Medallions Collection


Renowned Italian jewelry brand Roberto Coin has been fueled by a passion for life and creativity since it launched in 1996. Learn how its one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted pieces became symbols of everyday elegance and discover how to add a personal touch to your jewelry with its new Medallions Collection.

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The Man Behind the Brand

Namesake and founder Roberto Coin has always had an affinity for the worlds of art and fashion. After leaving his career as a hotelier, he followed his dreams and started his own jewelry brand in 1996, which is now headquartered in the historic Italian city of Vicenza. Drawing inspiration from Vicenza’s Renaissance-style architecture, nature, and different cultures around the world, Coin works with local jewelry artisans to create wearable masterpieces that strike a delicate balance between innovative and elegant, nodding to both the past and the future.

A Timeless Relationship With Rubies

Every Roberto Coin piece holds a story—and a small ruby casted inside of it. For Coin, who is passionate about history and mythology, the significance of the ruby is tied to three famous legends from around the world. In ancient Egypt, rubies were believed to guarantee love, joy, and everlasting health when kept in contact with the skin. In Burma, ancient warriors were said to have kept the gemstone as protection on the battlefield. In Hindu mythology, it was considered precious fruit of the sacred Kalpa, or “Wishing,” Tree. According to Coin, the ruby hidden in each of his pieces symbolizes courage, the passion of love, and the vitality of hope.


Crafting Precious Pieces With Personal Meaning

Roberto Coin recognizes that every woman is unique, which is why the brand is committed to creating a wide range of jewelry that all women can find meaning in. This year, it launched the Medallions Collection, which puts a luxe spin on personalized jewelry and pendant necklaces. Proudly display your astrological sign with the diamond-accented Zodiac medallion, keep someone close to your heart with the gorgeous 18-karat gold locket, or show your love with the delicate heart-shaped pendant. Want an elegant and eye-catching pop of color? The medallions spanning the Venetian Princess, Obelisco, and Love in Verona collections boast bold black-and-white diamond accents, beautiful blue lapis, and glittering sapphires.


Each detachable medallion charm comes on Roberto Coin’s signature adjustable gold paperclip chain, so you can customize your necklace for years to come. Attach multiple charms to the same chain, layer your go-to medallion with other chain necklaces and pendants, or simply wear it on its own as a statement piece. No matter how you style it, a Roberto Coin medallion is guaranteed to be a treasured gem in your jewelry collection for years to come.

Visit Roberto Coin to explore the Medallions Collection and find your own perfect pendant.

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