Ring in Your Perfect Match


A special way to symbolize your forever love is to choose the perfect forever rings. Experience the Ben Bridge difference by discovering jewelry you won’t find anywhere else. With generations of trust, respect and value, Ben Bridge should be your go-to authority on styling your own unique wedding and engagement ring combinations you will love for life. Get inspired by these chic options and discover which style is meant for you.

Mixed Metals

If you want to capture the uniqueness of your love story, go for a nontraditional combination of mixed metals. The varying hues will add subtle pops of color that’ll enhance your rings’ sparkle and shine.

The stunning Rose Gold Diamond Halo Flower Ring is a statement piece that’ll definitely turn heads. Add to the grandeur by placing it as the main attraction between different colored elaborate bands to bring variation to your look. Mixing metals enhances the playful element to highlight how much you and your partner like to have fun.

Shop the look: Rose Gold Diamond Halo Flower Ring, Diamond Stacking Band, Bezel Set Diamond Band, Diamond Eternity Band, Yellow Gold Band.


As the saying goes, opposites do attract. Ditch the quintessential cookie cutter idea of what a wedding and engagement ring pairing should look like and create one that represents you.

The contrast between elegant and simple next to rare and ornate will bring on the WOW factor. Style the Ikuma Canadian Diamond Engagement Ring with an eye-catching band and uniquely shaped stones to create a one of a kind look. Or, add a different pop to your love story with a striking double band to infuse different dimensions with double the sparkle.

Shop the look: Ikuma Canadian Diamond Engagement Ring, Diamond Crossover Band.


For you, it was love at first sight and you’ve been inseparable ever since. Match your wedding and engagement ring to have the look and feel of two rings, destined to shine together forever.

There are no words to explain how breathtaking the Double Halo Oval Diamond Ring is on its own. But paired with the Diamond Eternity Band to create a flawless couple? The pieces together will look sensational. If you’re looking to add more sparkle and luxury to complement an awe-inspiring statement ring, go for a double band, which will bring exquisite shine with a subtle vintage feel.

Shop the look: Double Halo Oval Diamond Ring, Diamond Eternity Band, Diamond Crossover Band.


You’ve found your partner for life. Symbolize your unbreakable foundation with stackable bands that are beautifully delicate on their own but stronger and more dazzling together.

Choose your star piece and stack around it. Experiment with different jewels, shapes, elaborate bands and simple bands. Each one can tell a different part of your love story. Start with a showstopper, like the Bella Ponte Engagement Ring, which can be personalized exactly how you want it to be and is exclusively available at Ben Bridge, and then add on different characters. Vary up the pieces as many times as you’d like so no one look will ever feel the same.

Shop the look: Bella Ponte Engagement Ring, Bezel Set Diamond Band, White Gold Band, Marquise & Round Cut Diamond Band, Diamond Eternity Band.


Your love needs no frills. You and your partner are all you need. Find a statement ring that’s simple and classic. A timeless choice will add elegance to any look.

The Ikuma Canadian 3-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring has its own story. “Ikuma” comes from the native Inuit word for fire, which references how the diamonds are formed in high temperatures and pressure from the Earth’s mantle. Each center stone, which is an Ikuma diamond, has a laser inscribed unique identifying tracking number allowing you to trace it back to its mine of origin. (You can’t get the Ikuma collection anywhere else but Ben Bridge.) Pair it with a simple diamond band for a subtle match or go for a little more sparkle with something more extravagant or visually interesting. If authenticity is what represents you most, these combinations are truly meant for you.

Shop the look: Ikuma Canadian 3-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring, Diamond Eternity Band.

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