8 Small but Mighty Reasons to Toast the Holidays

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The season of celebration is upon us as we gather to toast the holidays with our loved ones. But popping some bubbly shouldn’t be reserved for the main events alone. From a job well done wrapping those gifts to a sweet new cookie recipe, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate with a bottle of La Marca Prosecco! If any of the below resonate with you, get those glasses clinking:

Your gift-wrapping job looking crisp

We won’t blame you if you feel a bit of sadness parting with the most intricate holiday bow you’ve ever tied. But the self-satisfaction of fashioning a professional-level gift presentation? Break out the La Marca Prosecco because finishing your holiday shopping and wrapping deserves a toast! Honorary mention goes to the moment your scissors glide right through the paper.

Finding the perfect gift for that one person who stumps you every year

Whether it’s a dad who has made it clear he has enough ties, or that one coworker who gives the best gifts and deserves to have that energy matched, searching for presents can be overwhelming. But the excitement that floods you when you realize “Yes, they’re going to love this!” is unparalleled. We’ll toast to that!

Mastering a new holiday cookie recipe

For a holiday cookie connoisseur, discovering a new variety is cause for celebration, but mastering the recipe to perfection is all the more reason to pop open a bottle! Bonus if your friend’s Nonna gave you the recipe.

Everyone’s favorite cousin RSVPing to the holiday dinner

Any table is the kids’ table when you guys are together. Getting that call or text from one of your favorite people confirming they’ll be home for the holidays is almost as great as finally getting together! Toast this auspicious moment with them on your next video chat and build on the anticipation of seeing each other in person.

Styling the perfect outfit for the holiday party

The right ensemble adds a little bit of spice when you walk into a year-end party. But let’s pay homage to the moment it all clicked for you: Standing in front of the mirror and stepping into your heels realizing “This is the outfit!” We all know blasting some music and having a drink while getting ready for a party is half the fun, but getting ready for a party knowing you have a killer outfit? Well, switch out your drink for something bubbly because it’s time to celebrate.

Receiving some extra cute holiday cards in your mailbox this year

After 2020, it seemed all your loved ones either had a new baby or a new fuzzy friend. For 2021, this makes for a deluge of extremely cute holiday cards flooding your mailbox. Babies and puppies, what could be better? Send them a photo of yourself toasting to their cute card as a fun holiday reply!

Reveling in the coziest time of year

Reindeer socks, fairy lights, soft flannel blankets — and your favorite people — make this the most comforting season of the year. Savor this moment as we all pause and enjoy our time together with a celebratory glass of La Marca Prosecco.

Your neighborhood looking like a winter wonderland

Decorating your front yard for the season is a rite of passage, but collectively transforming your entire street with the help of your neighbors is what holiday spirit is all about. Once you turn those lights on, what could be more appropriate than toasting this winter wonderland together?

Celebrate moments big and small this holiday season with La Marca! Visit to find a bottle near you.