We partnered with Tiffany & Co. to learn how InStyle Beauty Director Angelique Serrano pulls together timeless pieces to create a refined look that’s both stylish and practical for a busy work day. Here’s how Serrano chooses her finishing touch with Tiffany.

When you’re the Beauty Director of a fast-paced fashion magazine, you need a functional outfit that makes you look and feel poised and confident at all times. Before a major celebrity interview, Serrano will opt for a timeless look with a trendy touch, like a structured white jacket paired with a cuffed chambray shirt. However, it won’t feel complete without the right accessories. “Never be afraid to mix metallics or layer pieces with different finishes,” said Serrano. “That’s what creates interest and makes a look that’s all your own.” See how Serrano styles her fashion forward professional look with her favorite pieces from Tiffany & Co.’s Tiffany T and HardWear Collections.

“To me, I’m not dressed unless I have accessories.”

I change my jewelry every day to go with my overall look so my color story is always fresh.”

Serrano has on her two personal favorites from the Tiffany T Collection. The classic Tiffany T Two Hinged Bracelets, one in 18k rose gold and the other covered in pavé diamonds, and the bold and elegant T Wire Hoop Earrings. “When I’m wearing solid bangles or a great pair of hoop earrings, I feel confident and put together – they’re like armor in that way,” said Serrano. “They ensure I’ll make a polished and stylish impression on the world.”

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“I love to layer the Tiffany HardWear Graduated Link Necklace to create a personalized statement piece.”

I’ve been experimenting more with wearing delicate bands on each finger to dress my entire hand; the look is striking, without being overpowering or distracting.”

When you want to have fun with accessorizing but you need to keep the overall look subtle, you can get creative with rings. “I love stacking Tiffany T Wire Rings, though some days I’ll just wear one on each finger,” said Serrano. “They’re delicate but eye-catching, no matter how you wear them.”

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