We partnered with Tiffany & Co. to learn how InStyle Special Projects Director Ruthie Friedlander personally selects jewelry to complete a refined look for a sophisticated occasion. Here’s how Friedlander chooses her finishing touch with Tiffany.

When it comes to completing a look for a night out at the theater, Ruthie Friedlander will always go for jewelry that tugs at her heartstrings. “Jewelry, by nature, is an emotional purchase; something that should have significance,” said Friedlander. “When I look down at my wrist and see a stack of meaningful bracelets or I feel the weight of a necklace that’s important to me, it makes me feel like I have the perfect outfit on versus finding something that’s simply on trend.” See how Friedlander styles her elegant look with her favorite pieces from Tiffany & Co.’s Tiffany T and HardWear Collections.

“I always like to keep my look polished and current.”

I love the Tiffany HardWear Link Earrings because they are bold and edgy without being too ‘look at me.’”

Friedlander hates that people don’t get dressed up to go to the theater anymore. To her, it’s a necessity. For this cultured event, she chose to wear the Tiffany T Smile Pendant, along with an assortment of bracelets and stacked rings. Her favorite? The Tiffany T Wire Ring in rose gold. “It has everything you want in a piece of jewelry,” said Friedlander. “It’s JUST obvious enough to make you feel fancy (those diamonds!) but feels weightless on your hand.”

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T Bracelets are the perfect stacking piece to
create an arm party.”

I absolutely love the color of this dress — yellow is the perfect canvas to play with different metals when it comes to accessorizing.”

Sartorially a minimalist, Friedlander likes to wear statement pieces that are not too over the top, which is a great rule of thumb when dressing for the ballet. Get inspired by this tasteful ensemble with elegant pieces from the Tiffany T and HardWear collections for your next night at the theater.

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