Inner Beauty Through Collagen
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Going through a period of transition can leave you feeling depleted — but supporting your physical, mental, and emotional health from within is one way to feel in control of your well-being.

Nutritionally, antioxidant-rich foods like salmon, nuts, spinach, and blueberries help protect your skin from sun damage, and plenty of water helps flush toxins out of your body. A daily supplement like collagen can also help you shine from within — like NeoCell® Gummy Glow Collagen Gummies, which can help support skin, hair, and nail health, thanks to the revitalizing power of collagen.

In addition to nutrition, though, an inner sense of peace empowers great things. Keep reading to find out how relationship columnist and entrepreneur Amy Chan overcame a difficult transition: a bad breakup. She discovered her own inner beauty and now helps others do the same with her “Breakup Bootcamp” program. Here’s her story.


Amy Chan is the founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp, which hosts retreats for women looking to bounce back from breakups and celebrate each other. Amy is a NYC relationship columnist who started her thriving business not at a high point — but actually when life pitched her a curve ball.

What do you see as “beautiful”?

My understanding of beautiful has changed since I was younger. Growing up, I’d get professional makeovers before I went out. I’d spend my paychecks buying painful designer shoes. I hoped that if I was physically more beautiful, then I’d get the love from men that I desperately wanted. But while I’d get attention, I’d never hold attention. I felt empty inside.

It’s taken me a long journey to know beauty is an energy that radiates from within. Beautiful is nourishing yourself, and feeling grateful for the body and face we were given.

Now I know myself, love myself and spread love to others. That’s beautiful.

What led you to that point of view?

I think after spending decades of my life chasing physical beauty, I realized that you can look the most outwardly perfect, but feel full of insecurity inside. Like energy attracts like energy. When I was insecure, and deep-down hated myself, I attracted like-energy people who were also insecure and plagued with self-loathing.

The more I focused on healing the parts of me that hurt, to open my heart, the more I focused on giving. I started attracting people of the same vibe. I realized how powerful energy is. Beauty is an inside job.

It’s taken me a long journey to know beauty is an energy that radiates from within.

What do you see as a common obstacle that women face in seeing the beauty in themselves?

A lot of women suffer because they believe that happiness, love, and beauty will come if they keep chasing external things. It’s a toxic cycle that doesn’t end until you become aware that nothing external will give you the peace, love and beauty that you desire within. Beautiful is a state of being.

If women spent half of what they spend on makeup and cosmetic procedures and invested in mental, physical and spiritual wellness, they would get closer to what they are seeking.

How did you overcome your own self-doubt?

I would be lying if I said I’ve completely overcome self-doubt. Feeling beautiful is not an island that you reach, and once you get there, you stay there. It’s a practice. It’s making decisions every single day, that contribute to your self-care, and your sense of connection, your love for yourself and the people around you. It’s the compound effect of these daily decisions that add up to become the predominant state - one of confidence, empowerment, love and beauty.

A good place to start is to stop the negative self-talk. I don’t voice out loud my criticism of how I look in photos. While I might not be able to stop the destructive thought, I can choose to not put energy into it by saying it out loud.

Without my tribe, I would not be where I am today.

How has your success been tied to your personality specifically?

I’m a natural connector and I’m super intuitive about people. I listen to my gut on who I’m drawn to. Because of that strong people radar, I’m surrounded by kind, supportive, smart and high-integrity people. Without my tribe, I would not be where I am today. Also I have been through a lot of hardship and heartbreak, and can empathize well. My resilience, compassion and creative expression enable me to connect to others and make them feel safe.

How do you nurture your inner beauty?

Nurturing my inner beauty is a daily, disciplined practice. Mentally - it’s reading and listening to content that feeds my mind, helps me grow and learn. On a physical level, I take Pilates, yoga and dance class, and walk a lot. I eat tons of organic vegetables and fruit, and minimize the amount of processed food, refined sugar and meat. I also take women’s supplements. I use clean products on my face and my skin has improved since I don’t wear much makeup anymore. I no longer have to cover up my skin, because my skin is radiating. On a spiritual level, I meditate, I journal, and seek the guidance and coaching of experts to help me optimize in all capacities.