Hailey Bieber Just Proved Inside-Out Boots Are Set for Big Things in 2023

This trend is one to watch.

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Hailey Bieber Faux Fur Boots


Here’s the thing about me: I’m a sucker for the simple. Show me a sleek, minimalist cashmere sweater, and I’ll give you my heart. Make me pick between a classic black bag or a bold, of-the-moment one, and I’ll always choose the former. So, knowing this about me, it might be shocking to hear that I’m slightly over simple black boots. In fact, I’ve been craving the wild inside-out style more and more celebrities have been wearing as of late.

Hailey Bieber Faux Fur Boots

Instagram @kyliejenner

A few weeks ago, I saw Kylie Jenner wearing teddy bear boots that looked like they were inside out. I’m so used to seeing plush shearling on the inside of the shoe, but this time, it was on the exterior — which is why I’m calling them inside-out boots. Jenner’s pair piqued my interest because every winter, there’s at least one “strange” shoe trend that emerges and makes a splash in the snow. I had a feeling that these weird faux fur boots were due for big things in 2023. In fact, 2022 actually kicked off with a big, bold faux fur boot sighting on the other Jenner sister, Kendall, hinting at their upcoming takeover. Now, it’s finally here.

Hailey Bieber is the latest celeb to step into this inside-out shoe, but she’s certainly not the last. I felt like I had won the lottery when I saw her in tall, white Gia Borghini faux-shearling boots, which she paired with a mini skirt and matching jacket in Aspen last week. Why? Because my boot trend prediction was coming true, and now I have to share said discovery with you, dear readers, because this footwear find is about to blow up big time.

GIA BORGHINI Faux Shearling Knee High Boot


Shop now: $655; nordstrom.com

AZALEA WANG Tundra Faux Fur Winter Boot


Shop now: $100; nordstrom.com

Inside-out boots are just as cozy as a pair of shearling-lined boots, but they’re far more eye-catching because of the textured exterior. Style them with simple leggings and a cool coat and you have an award-worthy outfit thanks to the bold footwear’s statement-making powers. And TBH, I love a shoe that’s a conversation-starter, and this boot style is absolutely that. Prepare to get people’s attention. 

It’s funny, actually, that I’m writing this trend story now, because last week, my mom, sister, and I went vintage shopping. We saw these fully fur-covered boots on the shelves that looked just like a pair my mom owned in the ’70s and ’80s. Then, when we got home, my sister’s Instagram targeted her with an ad featuring a pair of faux fur-exterior boots. “These are trending right now, aren’t they?,” she asked, to which I replied a firm,”Yes, OMG, I was right.” Basically, it’s like the boots kept finding their way to me. 

While I’m currently trying to persuade my mom to give me her vintage pair (she won’t budge!), I realized that there are so many cool inside-out faux fur boots on the market, which means I can still get my fix while I wait for my mom to change her mind. In fact, so many brands are unveiling their own take on this idea of the faux fur boot, I decided to round up the best of the best inside-out boots you’re going to be head over heels for. Shop them below. 

Roam Sherpa Lace-Up Boot


Shop now: $275; revolve.com

MONTELLIANA 1965 Jolie Fur Booties


Shop now: $366 (Originally $665); saksoff5th.com

Ash Moboo Faux Fur Platform Bootie


Shop now: $154–$240; nordstrom.com and amazon.com

Moon Boot Women's Classic Icon Faux Fur Boots


Shop now: $310; bloomingdales.com

Moncler Insolux Faux Fux Trim Snow Boot


Shop now: $695; nordstrom.com

STUART WEITZMAN Shearling Lug Boots


Shop now: $225 with code BUNDLED (Originally $595); saksoff5th.com

LA CANADIENNE Eloise Waterproof Genuine Shearling Lined Boot


Shop now: $425; nordstrom.com

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