Why Zendaya Decided to Stick With the '70s For Her Latest Tommy Hilfiger Collection

"It's one of the chicest time periods," she told InStyle backstage.

Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya
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These days, it’s pretty much impossible to go 24 hours, let alone a full week without hearing the name Zendaya. She had us glued to our screens with her role in Euphoria, keeps us double-tapping on Instagram thanks to her outfit choices, and, of course, shut down the Apollo Theater in Harlem Sunday night with her Tommy Hilfiger Fall ’19 show. It was the second collaboration between the star and the designer, and this time around they send a diverse group of models down a cityscape-like runway decked out in structured suits, polka-dotted pieces, and a ton of ‘70s-inspired looks.

“I really wanted her point of view,” Hilfiger told InStyle before the big event, speaking to what it was like handing over the reigns for another season. “I wanted her sense of style to be brought into my brand. So, I asked her to bring all of her ideas, and the ideas she brought, I loved. My team loved them. My team and her team executed them together.”

So how has the partnership evolved since the last time? And why the ‘70s, yet again? Both Zendaya and Hilfiger answer these questions and more, ahead.

Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya

How has the collaboration evolved since the last time?

Z: The first time was so much fun, but you also learn so much in the process, just about how to make clothes, where you want to go, what you want to create. The vision gets a little bit more refined. That's what happened when it came to this collection. It all fell into place in such a magical way. There are a few silhouettes we brought over from the last season, but we changed the fabric or some things about it. We added a lot more tailored pieces, a lot more structured pieces, and because it's fall, we could do layers and coats and things like that, which is really fun.

I saw a lot of coats. Was that important to you get those in there?

Z: I love a good coat.

Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya
Dan & Corina Lecca

How has your personal style evolved over the years?

Z: I just allow myself to have fun and allow fashion to be, in many ways, an outlet and a way to experience different sides of who Zendaya is. It's given me a lot of confidence; I've gotten rid of my fears of what people are going to think. I just don't have that anymore.

Why the ‘70s? Why not another decade?

Z: Because it's one of the chicest time periods. I've always been inspired by the clothes and had a lot of pictures from the ‘70s on my mood boards. I was inspired by my grandmothers. I've looked at old pictures of them and been like, "Whew — drop dead gorgeous." The clothes they had, I'm like, "Where are they? Why aren't they in my closet?" So that was inspirational for me. Also, Tommy. I mean, you're the one.

TH: I love the ‘70s.

Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya
Dan & Corina Lecca

Do you have a ‘70s style icon that you drew inspiration from here?

TH: Well, I liked all the music stars, the rock stars, the Motown stars. If you think of Santana, you think of Sly and the Family Stone, you think of the people who were playing Woodstock. I mean…crazy.

Z: I have a large mood board, but women like Diana Ross — just effortless glamour all the time. It’s just the vibe.

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