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Credit: Joseph Molines

If you're staring into a sea of LBDs every time you open your closet doors, it may be time to rethink your palette. We're totally guilty of defaulting to black for the super slimming effect it can have, but it's not the only hue that can help you downplay the wobbly bits. A pro trick? Wear deep, inky shades to shrink problem areas, and opt for pastels to attract attention to the parts of your bod that you feel the most confident about.

Stylist Penny Lovell, who crafts red carpet looks for clients like Rose Byrne and Anne Hathaway, recommends aubergine as an alternative to black. "Dark, wine-like colors can have the same look-like-you-dropped-a-size effect as black," she says. For instance, if you're looking to take the attention off your rear, try an aubergine skirt offset with a pale blue top. Going for the reverse effect? Shift the color balance to the opposite. On its own, the color gives off a creative, stimulating vibe. But when paired with calming blue, you strike a harmonious balance for an overall sense of stability.