Rebecca Taylor's 4 Color Rules for Spring

Rebecca Taylor Lead
Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor (3)

It's time to ditch those go-to black and navy pieces that you've been living in all winter long. As the weather warms up, so should the shades you're sporting, says New York-based designer Rebecca Taylor. We asked Taylor, whose spring collection is packed with milky pastels and crisp neutrals, for her take on the season's new color rules. Read on the guidelines she's living by this season, then take the plunge into brighter territory.

Dove Gray is the New Nude

"A soft dove gray is beautiful," says Taylor. "Nude has been so strong for so long, but it's all about dove gray going forward. It's also quite universally flattering since it has cool undertones."

Go Bold In Orange

"I love the idea of a tangerine piece that feels tactile, soft, and fluffy, like a cashmere sweater," she explains. "A classic Hermès-style of tangerine always looks fantastic as an accessory, too. Try a leather watch strap, or a piece of luggage that feels rich and warm."

Take a Cue from the Color Wheel

"When you're deciding which colors to pair together, look at the shades that are at opposite ends of the color wheel," Taylor says. "For example, coral and peach are almost designed to be paired together. I always love a cobalt sweater and a peach lip. A print that combines both of these colors is also beautiful. I rocked a lot of cobalt and peach in the '80s!"

Go Monochromatic

"Some of our best-selling pieces tend to be the ones that combine different shades of the same color, like coral and melon," she notes. "When you put these shades together, it looks like a fresh combination. Experiment with different textures when you're going monochrome, too. Wear a silk dress with a rich leather belt."

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