By Laura Reilly
Updated Jan 07, 2019 @ 6:30 pm
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If your New Year’s resolution was to get into shape, congratulations! You are part of the 65 percent of people with the same goal for 2019 — and, honestly, more power to you. While we generally procrastinate on physical activity, the forecasted fitness apparel trends are giving us all the motivation we need to finally make exercise a priority.

Whether you’re looking for cute gym outfits to work out in, or just comfy, chic clothes that really stress the “leisure” in athleisure trends, you’re guaranteed to see these activewear styles everywhere this year.

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By all accounts, 2018 was the year of the logo — from our FILA shoes to our Gucci belts, we couldn’t stop flexing labels on our wearables. This year, the trend is only getting stronger, making its way fully and unapologetically into our workout wear. Watch as a single Nike swoop becomes an allover pattern, and less-touted brands like Champion find their signature Cs on sweatshirts and yoga pants everywhere.

Champion Mock Neck Reverse Panel Crop Sweatshirt
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Bike Shorts

Earlier this year, bike shorts almost looked like they were going the way of Pokemon Go and “on fleek” — the trend graveyard — but instead they shocked us all by going totally mainstream instead. And, since we’ve all decided this is appropriate attire from here on out, why not wiggle into a pair yourself? Their high, control-top waists and thigh gap-shaping leg openings are so flattering that even if we look back on this era wondering what we were doing in cycling shorts (and skinny sunglasses), well, at least we’ll look good in the photos.

Something Navy Bike Shorts
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Functional Leggings

I can feel it — 2019 is going to be our year. No more fake pockets in jeans and, seriously, no more pocket-less leggings. In fact, let’s all come to terms with the fact that leggings really are pants and give them the functional trimmings they deserve, not least of which is a place to store a smartphone.

Old Navy Mid-Rise 7/8-Length Mesh-Panel Compression Leggings for Women
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Super High-Rise Leggings

We’re excited about the super high-waisted fit we’re beginning to see on leggings for a few reasons. One, the stretchy fabric across our midsections offers the best control-top without the annoying rolling or pinching of tights. Two, we can finally rock Adriana Lima’s just-came-from-the-gym look in a sports bras and leggings with nothing on top, and we’ll look and feel great doing it.

Alo Yoga Vapor High Waist Leggings
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Animal Print

It’s creeped into our party clothes, our office attire, and even onto Anne Hathaway’s Golden Globes dress, so it only makes sense that it would finally reach our gym gear. Ideally this feline print gives you the sass and energy you need to hit the weights room, but if you take this set to brunch, we wouldn’t be mad either.

Good American Zip-Up Sports Bra & Leggings
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Exercise Dresses

We love athleisure as much as we love all the pretty dresses, so it’s basically a dream come true that workout dresses are becoming a thing. Outdoor Voices brought them back into our collective consciousness this summer, and we’re starting to see a ton of brands follow suit with their own covetable versions.

Nike Court Dry Racerback Tennis Dress
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