What 12 of Your Favorite Fitness People Are Wearing for Their Winter Workouts

From fleece-lined leggings to lots of layers, here's what they reach for on freezing cold days.

What All Your Favorite Fitness People Are Wearing for Their Winter Workouts
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Finding the motivation to work out can be tough no matter what time of year it is, but when winter arrives and everything seems so dark, damp, and dreary? Well, we really feel that urge to ignore our goals and continue hibernating under the covers. The fact of the matter is, most days, it's freakin' cold outside, and just thinking about leaving our warm bed to shimmy into a sports bra and bike shorts sends shivers throughout my body.

That's where our favorite fitness influencers come in with a solution. These pros exercise in all sorts of weather, chilly winter days included, and already have a list of activewear options that actually hold up and keep them from freezing. With hopes of finding warmer gear to add to our own workout wardrobe — which might just inspire us to get up and get moving — InStyle tapped 13 industry favorites and asked them to share their picks.

Julia Stern

Professional trainer at Rumble.

"It's always a little bit less motivating to work out when it's cold outside. For that reason, in the winter I'd rather wear something warm and cozy instead of my typical shiny legging material. I've been living in this Alosoft set by Alo Yoga. It's a comfy, cotton stretchy material that still feels supportive enough for the gym. I layer it with scrunch socks and a hoodie before heading out the door."

Mirna Valerio

Ultramarathoner and diversity advocate.

"Whether I'm out on a run or scrambling up a local peak, my feet are comfortable (no hot spots or seams), safe, and stylish in Darn Tough socks. Technical wool is where it's at! I have been a fan for a while now and trust their socks for whatever the adventure brings — especially in the winter. It doesn't hurt that their mills are actually only a few miles from me in VT — I have witnessed the pretty intense process that makes colorful wool skeins into these beautifully designed socks with an unconditional lifetime guarantee."

Jamie Grimstad

Former D1 Runner and founder of Curated by Jamie and Favour Gum.

"Winter running is all about building layers. Bandier's All Access Starter Kit is the perfect sports bra and leggings set. It's versatile and durable, and I wear mine both running and for pilates. I also love the new All Access Pro Fleece quarter zip for running, layered underneath a vest, while Nike's Synthetic Filled Jacket is perfect for layering before you head out on a run to make sure you still have arm movement. It's a winter running essential. Brooks Ghost 13 are my go-to running shoe right now. Comfort, quality, and speed — I love them! For accessorizing, Garmin's Forerunner 245 Watch is the OG running watch with a major upgrade. It's the best for tracking your fitness this winter and helping you stay on top of your goals. For recovery, Favour Gum fits perfectly in your pocket for post-workout recovery or fresh breath."

Lia Bartha

Fitness personality and founder of B The Method.

"My current favorite winter workout pieces are the Free People Movement Happiness Runs Onesie and Spiritual Gangster Meta Seamless Long Sleeve and matching pants. I love the onesie because it is a thicker material, so it's super warm and I can layer it with oversized sweatshirts, slouchy socks, and leg warmers for a complete cozy look for indoors or outdoors. I love the Spiritual Gangster set because it's also made from a thicker material, but still so flattering, very warm, easy to layer with, and covers your hands."

Toi Sharae

Personal trainer and fitness influencer.

"I am huge into gym fashion and it always motivates me to workout harder. The better you look, the better you feel! My top gym attire suggestions for the winter are simple. One, a long-sleeved shirt with built-in sports bra inside. These are a game changer! I love a 2-in-1 combo for the gym — it makes getting dressed easier. Two, a turtleneck two-piece workout set. Never thought this would be a thing, but it is!"

Brianna Joye

A fitness trainer and influencer behind the viral TikTok account @briannajoye_fitness.

"I do not do well when it comes to cold weather, and due to Covid, a lot of clients still like to do rooftop workouts — even in 30-degree weather. Over the years, I have searched for the best winter fitness gear that I could wear during my sessions outdoors, and two of my favorite (and accessible!) items are the Gihuo Women's Quilted Padded Puffer Vest Gilet and ZUTY Fleece Lined Leggings. I also cannot do without my Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 sneakers this season. They are my favorite workout shoe. I feel like I'm on clouds when I wear them, and the support on them is unlike any other."

Deja Riley

MIRROR home gym trainer and Lululemon global ambassador.

"Now, I don't prefer working out in cold weather, but fitness is a part of my lifestyle, so these fabulous finds help keep my body warm whenever I do. Lululemon's Invigorate leggings and the Define jacket are not just stylish, they are also functional and comfortable, and the Keep The Heat Thermal does just what the title says — it's sweat-wicking and form-fitting for all those hard HIIT-ing workouts I love to do. Gotta keep the ears cozy while staying stylish in the Twist Knit Ear Warmer, which also doubles as a super cute headband for me to pull my braids back. And last but most certainly not least, I have to bring the effervescent energy to every workout — when you look good, you feel good! — so underneath my thermal, I'm doing it just for me with the Energy Longline Bra."

Lauren Eckstrom

Yoga instructor and founder of Inner Dimension TV.

"It is seriously cold in LA this winter — colder than I can remember in years, so I am focusing on bundling up in a way that allows breathability paired with ethics. I set the intention last year to only purchase from brands focused on sustainability, fair trade, and ethical production practices such as Everlane. Their black leggings are my daily go-to, paired with a cashmere sweater and the Perform Tank. Since I'm a mom, CEO, wife, and teacher, I'm always looking for outfits that can go straight from my morning practice into the rest of my day, and I find Everlane's pieces to be stylish and timeless, while fitting in with my intention to put my purchasing dollars toward brands doing good in the world. These pieces keep me warm physically and at the level of my heart. When it's extra cold, I toss on a pair of leg warmers and hike them up to my thighs for an extra layer of coziness, and toss my hair into a bun under a knit beanie!"

Tatiana Lampa

Expert trainer and fitness influencer.

"I absolutely love wearing my Lululemon Swiftly Tech during my workouts and while I coach. It keeps me warm and mobile at the same time so I'm able to perform at my best. Another one of my favorites is the Lululemon Define Jacket. It feels like butter on my skin. This has been my go-to zip-up sweater for years. The Carbon38 Faux Fur Hooded Jacket has also been my go-to when running from the gym to errands. It's super comfy, warm and stylish. My go-to leggings during the winter are always the Wunder Under Luxtreme. I usually wear them to any type of workout and coach in them. Super functional and doesn't have a thick band that cuts into your waist. They're extremely comfortable!

Deedra Irwin

Olympic hopeful on the US Biathlon Team for the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

"I like to dress in layers depending on what my winter outdoor activity is. Base layers are key! Sometimes a wool is nice — usually something just warm and comfortable. Next, you have the outer layers. I really like my Maloja Gore-Tex layers, which help as a windbreaker and waterproof protection. I love my Maloja Gore-Tex running/skiing tights. My favorite Jacket from Maloja is actually a Gore-Tex ski touring jacket called Wangdim. It's very multi-purpose. I use it for running, nordic skiing, and ski touring. If it's extra chilly, I'll also wear a down vest or jacket. A neck warmer/buff is a must for winter workouts along with a good pair of mittens and a US Biathlon headband. And Darn Tough socks!"

Joanne Firesteel Reid

Olympic hopeful on the US Biathlon Team for the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

"[As a biathlete], we have to be pretty careful when layering because we have to preserve a lot of mobility. Not just skiing, but laying down or standing on the shooting point, and assuming those static, solid poses mid-race, and also removing and resecuring the rifle. That makes our clothing critically important — we can't get too cold or risk shivering at best, and at worst a frozen trigger finger and lack of blood to muscles we need to race. We also can't get too warm or the overheating will slow us down, so there's a really delicate balance to hit. While most sports have the luxury of jackets, we can't wear one because of the nature of prone shooting. That means we have a heavy reliance on vests of every kind, and I would say the down vest Maloja makes has saved me from freezing many times. Gloves that keep your fingers warm can be a constant pursuit, especially in freezing cold and in rain, but we have some interesting convertible gloves by Roeckl that convert from fingered gloves to mittens. Glasses can be tricky because we race in everything from glaring sun to night courses in the rain, so a changing lens like the ones Julbo gives us can be really helpful."

Tiffany Ragozzino

LA-based certified trainer, educator, and founder of @theprettylittlelifters.

"I love wearing sports bras when I train, but since it's a bit chillier now, I'm opting for cropped sports bras that have more coverage but are still super cute! I have multiple colors of Athleta's Conscious Crop and they fit so well. I love how soft they are and the high neck with a racerback style. My favorite leggings this season are Beyond Yoga because they are so buttery soft. In LA, we're very dramatic when it's 'cold' so I'll often wear a pair of baggy Nike sweatpants over my leggings if I'm going to be out running errands before or after my workout. My sweatpants obsession has continued from 2020…and I'm not mad about it! My go-to jacket this season is Alo's Foxy Sherpa Jacket because it's super warm and fluffy. I feel so cozy in it and it keeps me warm when I'm ready to head outside after a sweaty workout."

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