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Outfit of the Day Lead
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Shop the look: 1. H&M blazer, $50; hm.com 2. Givenchy necklace, $420; mytheresa.com 3. Little Lifner bag, $665; net-a-porter.com 4. Frame jeans, $279; frame-store.com 5. Derek Lam 10 Crosby top, $395; intermixonline.com 6. M. Gemi boots, $348; mgemi.com

Hey, it happens to the best of us (also the worst of us, and, well, the rest of us). Last night, you had a couple drinks and subsequently a couple hours of sleep, and now you have to drag your sluggish, dehydrated shell of a body to the office (I'm so sorry). But good news is you can do this!

Just chug a tank of water and resist the urge to roll up to the office in sweats and a blanket cape. Instead, reach for something cozy like this Derek Lam 10 Crosby sweatshirt (yes, you can wear a sweatshirt) with polished details, like gold buttons and the facade of a dress shirt underneath. Pull on a pair of on-trend cropped flares and pair it with a sturdy boot. An oversized tote is the perfect catch-all for all of your recovery needs (e.g. water gallon, aspirin, handwritten reminders for you to never again go this hard on a weeknight). Then pull it all together with a fitted jacket for instant professionalism. Nothing says, "I'm fully rested and ready to go," than a well-tailored blazer, am I right? Now keep chugging that water.

By Kim Duong and Kristina Rutkowski