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Banana Republic Petite Clothing
Credit: bananarepublic/Instagram

When I started shopping in Banana Republic's Petites section a little over a year ago, I realized that, as dramatic as it might sound, I think I’ve actually been wearing clothes that don’t fit me my entire life.

I am 5’3 and 125 lbs. I have a long torso and shorter legs. My entire life, I was always pulling my skirts up at the waist or trying to tuck things in so it wasn’t too roomy. Clothing was boxy around my rib cage, or the bust didn’t fit me well. Hems hit close to the floor or half way down my calves when it was meant to cut off at the knee. It wasn’t until I randomly stumbled into the Banana Republic Petites section that I realized I didn’t have to take everything to a tailor in order for it to fit.

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The first thing I got there was a Sheath Dress—it’s a sleeveless work dress with a high-neck and a slit. It’s athletic but also subtly sexy, and it was the “Aha!” article of clothing that changed the way I dressed—I felt cleaner and more tailored. And subsequently, it made me fall in love with this store’s offering for my body type.

Unlike other stores (some don’t even offer a petites section), Banana Republic’s Petites offering is impressively large. They have the work or professional section on lock—the clothes are simplistic and chic but also touch on trends in a way that’s not going to be obnoxiously out of date the next season. But they also have a lot of casual options like denim, sweaters, and blouses at really affordable prices. The work dresses cost around $120, which is way less than the price of buying something that didn’t fit me and then going to get it tailored.

Since I came across the Sheath dress last summer, I’ve bought two more in different prints, and I honestly wish I had invested in another. I love it so much that I’ve purchased it as gifts for my friends.

I tried on their skinny jeans a couple of weeks ago, and I am going to go back and buy them soon. They’re the perfect length, have the perfect amount of stretch, as well as a flattering rise.

I’m actually in the very slow process of going through my closet, replacing with petites and for the pieces that I had beforehand, getting them tailored.

For the pieces in my closet that I love but aren’t petites, I’m in the very slow process of going to get them tailored, but at least now I know that’s not something I have to do every time I go shopping.

By April Moorhouse as told to InStyle.com