What to Wear to Work When Your Office Is Now Your Couch

If you're over wearing PJs every day, we've got 19 (comfy) combos to try.

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, sweater over turtleneck
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While we have no problem sitting at home, self-quarantining to stop the spread of COVID-19, we're admittedly starting to get antsy. We no longer find joy in spending a full day in pajamas (who would have thought?!), and throwing on a blazer for a weekly Zoom meeting is beginning to feel stale. Our regular clothes have been calling, tempting us to put together full work-from-home outfits. But, of course, that comes with specific criteria.

Since we're still sitting on couches and at kitchen tables, our WFH looks need to be comfy and cozy on top of being cute. We'd like to keep our sweatpants in the mix, but also find fun ways to accessorize. And, incorporating a few spring trends wouldn't hurt, either — our old, fashion-loving selves are itching to come up with some clever ideas.

So, we've done some research, compiling 19 outfit ideas that not only look great, but feel great, too. The good news is, you can definitely skip the heels this time around — slippers and socks will work just fine.

A Shirtdress

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, shirtdress
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Quick, easy, and since you technically aren't going anywhere, you don't even have to iron it.

A Maxi Dress Over a Sweatshirt

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, dress over a sweater
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Longer-length dresses are basically wearable blankets, and a sweatshirt will not only make it cool, but comfortable as well.

A Layered Shirt Look

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, layered shirts
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Since no one can see you (save for the odd video call), now is the time to experiment. Play around with layering and wear a bright shirt underneath your favorite graphic tee, then finish your look with a pair of joggers.

A Sweater and Jeans

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, gigi hadid, sweater and jeans
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Not everyone can relax in jeans, but if that's not an issue for you, take a note from Gigi Hadid. Style your go-to pair with a colorful sweater, then pile on a bunch of necklaces.

A Cardigan and a Midi Skirt

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, cardigan and skirt
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The cardigan trend isn't going anywhere, and, luckily, it's a great one for home life, too. Try styling an oversized option with a satin midi skirt and a casual white tee.

A Button-Down and White Pants

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, white button-up and white pants
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This is the kind of look that says you're ready for spring...even if you aren't spending a ton of time outside. Of course, we'd warn you to be careful around food that will stain, but even if you have a mishap, the rest of your closet is nearby.

A Blazer Over a Slip Dress

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, blazer over a dress
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It's the perfect time to break out your easy, breezy summer dresses and style them with a structured blazer. Zoom outfit, complete.

A Wrap Top and Plaid Pants

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, mixed prints
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Bonus points if the shirt is printed, which will create an eye-catching combination (even if the only person nearby is your dog).

A Cardigan and Shorts

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, cardigan and shorts
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The weather outside no longer matters — go ahead and show those legs!

A Mini Dress and a Headband

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, dress and a headband
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We've already realized that this small accessory has the power to transform a simple look. Plus, a padded version looks great no matter what your hair is doing.

A Blazer and a Sweatsuit

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, sweatpants and a blazer
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Invest in a matching sweatsuit, but make it look polished and professional with the help of a tailored jacket.

A Jumpsuit Over a Colorful Sweater

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, jumpsuit
Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

Or, simply skip the layer underneath. Easy!

A Button-Down and Flowy Pants

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, button-down and flowy pants
Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

If your goal is to to spice things up, leave your shirt unbuttoned and wrap it around your body instead. Then, keep it in place with the help of a ribbon or a mid-section belt.

A Blazer Over a Boiler Suit

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, jumpsuit
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It'll feel like you're wearing a onesie, but a jacket or even a cardigan will keep it from looking too much like pajamas.

A Front-Tie Shirt Under a Cardigan

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, front-tie shirt
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Style these pieces with a trusty pair of leggings and add some clips to your hair if you're craving sparkle.

Jeans and a T-Shirt

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, t-shirt and jeans
Brian Dowling/Getty Images

You can't beat the classics. If you still feel like your outfit is missing a little something, layer a button-down, jacket, or blazer over your shirt.

A Button-Down and Baggy Jeans

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, button-up and baggy jeans
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

This one requires very little effort and looks even better when paired with a beret.

A Turtleneck and Leggings

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, sweater and leggings
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

This combo is also cool if you're going for a monochromatic look.

A Baggy Sweatshirt Over a Mini Dress

Work From Home Outfit Ideas, a sweater over a dress
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Simply the best of both worlds — and a pairing we'd never even thought of until now.

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