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Woolmark announced the 2019 finalists for its annual International Woolmark Prize, which celebrates global fashion talent whose designs feature Merino wool. (Pyer Moss, Gabriela Hearst, Monse, and Brandon Maxwell are all past nominees.) Sustainability is core to the competition — last year's winner for womenswear, Colovos, focused their work around wool’s natural properties, using non-toxic dyes and sustainable manufacturing processes.

This year, Woolmark is continuing that thread with a theme of Traceability. Each of the finalists will be asked to work with two traceability partners, Provenance, which is a blockchain-enabled platform that outlines the origin, journey, and impact of the designs, and Common Objective, a business network that connects designers with the resources to make their business more sustainable. The 10 finalists will each be asked to produce six fully traceable Merino wool looks, and from there, a panel of expert judges (InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown has previously served as a judge) will pick a final winner.

With previous winners like Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent, the award is a BFD, and we’re super excited to see what this talented bunch cooks up, and who takes home the final prize in February, 2020.

So without further ado, the 2019/2020 finalists are!

  • A-COLD-WALL*, United Kingdom
  • BLINDNESS, Korea
  • BODE, USA,
  • BOTTER, The Netherlands
  • Feng Chen Wang, United Kingdom/China
  • GmbH, Germany
  • Ludovic de Saint Sernin, France
  • Matthew Adams Dolan, USA
  • Namacheko, Sweden
  • Richard Malone, Ireland/UK