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Tights—you love them, but you honestly kindof hate them, too. They're essential for wearing dresses and skirts in the winter, but that suctioned-in feeling? Or when you overeat and the waistband is digging into your sides? Or when you have your tights comically stretched out and pulled up to your boobs just for it to stay put? Yeah, that's more than enough reason to give up on the piece altogether. All your tights gripes are the result of sizes based on height versus waist. But that's about to change: Wolford has launched the first-ever pair of tights with an adjustable waistband that you can customize to your body. Mind, blown.

Named the "Comfort Cut," these 40 denier tights ($67; boast a stretchy yoga waistband that you can extend up to five different sizes. Within each band, there are four slits (marked with scissors, which indicates where to cut); each slit is equivalent to half a size. For example: If your tights are a size small, cut twice for a medium, four times for a large. In short, these will help relieve those "why can't I breathe, these tights are so tight" moments and are especially great for expectant moms and curvy petites. Buy your Custom Cut pair (it comes in five colorways with sizes from XS to XL) at and follow the step-by-step instructions, below.

1. Fold over the waistband.

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Credit: Courtesy Wolford

2. Cut a slit where it's marked (each slit is equal to a half size increase).

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Credit: Courtesy Wolford

3. Check the fit.

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Credit: Courtesy Wolford

4. Fold the waistband back up.

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Credit: Courtesy Wolford