I'm a Fashion Editor, and These 3 Luxury Accessories Are on My Dream Holiday Wishlist

Just throwing it out there, in case anyone is feeling generous (or needs ideas for their loved ones).

Winter Fashion Picks
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I know, I know — the holiday season isn't about the gifts. But when you work in fashion and spend a shameful amount of time scrolling through social media, it's nearly impossible to resist developing a dream wishlist full of designer picks. You know, just in case someone, somewhere is feeling extra generous.

The past few years have taught me some important lessons when it comes to my purchasing habits — mainly, how it's worth it to invest in quality staples that will last, rather than here-today-gone-tomorrow trends. I now think long and hard before handing over my credit card. Does this item fit with my personal style? It it versatile enough to wear year-round? Do I imagine myself wearing it five, maybe even 10, years from now? If something doesn't meet certain criteria, I simply wait until that feeling of lust subsides and save my money for something special.

My pie-in-sky, dream gift list this year is the same. In general, I've realized that the items that give the most bang for the buck are accessories, such as the sleek watch, wear-with-everything handbag, and versatile boot choice, below. They're pieces I could see incorporating into my outfits for literal decades — and should Santa be on a budget this year, I'd happily gift them to myself.

The Longines Master Collection


Nothing is more timeless — or gorgeous, IMHO — than this stainless steel watch, which also features a white mother-of-pearl face. It's something that'll work with my everyday uniform of a sweatshirt and jeans, but can also be layered with other bracelets for a more formal, dressed-up event. Plus, I can plan for a chaotic full moon with the help of that moon phase feature.

Shop now: $2,750; longines.com

Dior Micro Saddle Bag


Dior's Saddle Bag will always be an iconic signature design for the brand, and since I personally enjoy adding a subtle pop of color to my look, I'm lusting after this light blue version (you have heard that cerulean is coming back, right?). It's also a bit tinier than the standard bag size, which means I won't mind lugging it all around NYC or packing it in my suitcase on future trips.

Shop now: $2,550; dior.com

Louis Vuitton Territory Flat Ranger


When it comes to footwear, I'm the type of person who consistently wears the same three or so pairs year-round. I enjoy versatile picks like Vans, white boots, and a solid combat option — hence why this Louis Vuitton design made my list. I already know I'll be wearing this baby with jeans, sweater dresses, and even shorts come springtime. It's the perfect piece for providing balance, whether it's dressing down sequins and ruffles or amping up a casual pair of trousers.

Shop now: $1,630; louisvuitton.com

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