Zosia Mamet Steps Out in Her Best Look Ever

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Photo: Krista Kennell/Patrick McMullan

Zosia, Zosia, Zosia. Over the past few months you have been OWNING your wardrobe. You have officially found your personal style, which is a delightful mix of quirky and ladylike. Case in point: last night’s Monse dress, which you wore to the 2017 Whitney Biennial.

Zosia Mamet
Nicholas Hunt/Getty

March 16, 2017

The actress wore a belted, off-the-shoulder, high-slit dress Monse dress to the 2017 Whitney Biennial.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty

Stress level when trying to figure out what to wear to an art gala, sponsored by Tiffany & Co., where every chic person in the tri-state area is in attendance? 10/10. You owned that step-and-repeat like a chic boss in a belted, off-the-shoulder, high-slit dress; one that is so original only Monse could put it together.

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes with Zosia Mamet

Topped off with your oodles of Tiffany jewelry? I’d say that’s a—ding, ding, ding—WINNA!

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