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Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty

Pro tip: If you want to make a power suit even more powerful, add a bazillion Swarovski crystals to it. Want proof? Look no further than Zendaya’s outfit last night, which she wore to celebrate her Variety Power of Young Hollywood cover.

In an ombré (yes, ombré two days in a row) sparkling Vivetta pantsuit, the actress arrived looking like the chicest disco ball that ever was. What kept the look from feeling costume-y? Her simple Ruthie Davis shoes, toned down makeup, and rings by EFFY Jewelry. With that said, had her genius stylist, Law Roach, opted to go full on Studio 54, I would have supported that as well.

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Some things you should know about Vivetta (the most fun brand you may never have heard of):

It’s an Italian fashion house, launched in 2009 by Vivetta Ponti which draws inspo from things like poetry, dolls, antiques, and fifties furniture. The designer (as we can tell from her Instagram) is obsessed with cats (same), girly details (same), and dusty pink (um, same). We, in turn, are obsessed with her.

How much the suit weighed and how many crystals were used to make the pants suit of Hillary Clinton’s wildest dreams? We’ll be in touch.