#WhoWonFashionToday: Zendaya in a $68 Jumpsuit

Welcome to "Who Won Fashion Today," where we award the boldest, best dressed person of the day. Winning fashion doesn't necessarily mean you're wearing the most expensive, trendiest, or prettiest dress. Rather, we reward risk-takers—those that stay true to their personal style and make us go, "Now THAT is a LEWK.”

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Have you ever woken up in the winter and thought: I must wear footsie pajamas to work or I'm simply not going. If you live somewhere cold, you get what I'm saying. The idea of putting on anything that will expose any part of your body is ... well, painful.

I'm in full support of anyone finding a way to wear a Snuggie to work, as long as it's a fashionable one, which is why Zendaya wins fashion today.

On Tuesday, she left Good Morning America wearing an olive green velour jumpsuit from her own brand, Daya. And drum roll please ... it's only $68. So yeah, she wins. Zendaya's Insanely Affordable Clothing Line Will Make You Love Her Even More

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Graphic Flight Bomber

Image zoom Graphic Flight Bomber

"The bomber is so great," Zendaya says. "I wanted it to feel luxurious but at a price point that was realistic." Courtesy

Image zoom Oversized Velvet Jumpsuit

"This is a very comfortable jumpsuit," Zendaya says. "I'm telling you, you could sleep in it. It's like a giant Snuggie that you can wear to dinner." Courtesy

Image zoom Mesh Ruffle Dress

"There's a lack of good pieces in a reasonable price point," Zendaya says. "You can find dresses, but not the dress, like this ruffly one." Courtesy

Image zoom Satin Slip Dress

"This one is cut so beautifully, I could get it in a thousand different colors," Zendaya says. (Another version also comes in blush pink.) Courtesy

Image zoom Patched Military Anorak

"This one is great," Zendaya says. "I wanted this collection to hit my vibe and just have fun with fashion." Courtesy

Image zoom Oversize Graphic Sweatshirt

"I didn't want to alienate anybody," Zendaya says. "I wanted there to be a level of androgyny, because that's what fashion is about—fashion should be much more involved than that." Courtesy 1 of 6 Advertisement

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