The Nakedest of All Naked Dresses Was Worn at the Venice Film Festival

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Soo Joo Park
Photo: VCG/VCG/Getty

A few things to know about the Venice Film Festival. It's CHIC AS YOU KNOW WHAT, everyone beautiful attends, and every single good dress that's ever existed is basically there. Oh, there are movie premieres too. Or something.

Anyway, among the elegant attendees was supermodel Soo Joo Park, who arrived at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Collection event in not only a jaw-dropping time piece (because, duh, Jaeger-LeCoultre) but the nakedest of all naked dresses of our naked dress dreams.

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The "dress," which may better be served by being called a "piece," was the work of the great Iris van Herpen, a Dutch fashion designer who is known for her highly sculptural, one-of-a-kind looks. Remember that work of art Cara D. wore to the premiere of Valerian? Van Herpen.

So this piece was all see-through, save a few tiny strips of laser-cut white fabric and very reminiscent of van Herpen's fall 2017 Couture collection. Tres chic. Tres futuristic. Tres naked.

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