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WWFT Ruth Negga - 010617 - Lead
Credit: Billy Farrell/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

I know what you’re saying: “HOW CAN RUTH NEGGA WIN AGAIN?” Well, sorry I’m not sorry that Karla Welch is a mastermind at making gorgeous women look even more gorgeous.

It takes a woman with sartorial confidence to go from wearing a Valentino gown one night (read: pretty princess dress of our dreams) to probably the coolest look of all spring 2017 (read: rockstar badass) courtesy of Rodarte.

The gold + '80s sleeves + high-waist jeans + that headband = WINNING. So if you’re sitting at your computer or on your phone annoyed that the same person has won fashion twice this week, don’t blame me. Take it up with the other Ruth … or Karla Welch.