I Don't Know What Hailee Steinfeld Is Wearing But I Love It

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Hailee Steinfeld
Photo: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for BLAMAIN

Last night, anyone who was anyone gathered together to celebrate Olivier Rousteing's first Los Angeles Balmain boutique opening, and a super cool collab with Beats by Dre. Because, who doesn’t need rose gold headphones, am I right?

Kim Kardashian West was there in an outfit only Kim could wear (aka a bra and a see through skirt). Kate Bosworth wore an ‘80s prom dress on drugs, and Kerry Washington opted for a more traditional (if one could call Balmain traditional) one-shouldered white mini, with all the bedazzles a girl could dream of. Flipping through photos of the night, one may think it was a costume party. Theme: Balmain Army. And as the best costume parties do, this one had a winner.

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Hailee Steinfeld, you actress-turned-singer wunderkind, you. I have always loved your hair and your voice, and now I have something to say about your fashions. You are a risk taker. You choose sexy over cutesy, and sometimes you go a little overboard. But last night? You were perfection. I’m not quite sure how to describe your look other than Skeletor-Couture (Skeltour?). Is that a minidress you're wearing, or just a long-sleeve lengthy shirt? Either way, I love the iconic Balmain-armor quality it has and it fits you like a glove.

But the real deal sealer here are the shoes, if you could call them shoes. Pants with heels? Tights with a sole? I don’t know. But they’re laced up all the way to … well, I’m not quite sure where, and they are FASH-ON.

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