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Chloe Sevigny
Credit: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

You want to be in the running to WIN FASHION on InStyle.com? Here’s a tip: Wear something with a cat on it. Better yet, where something with MULTIPLE cats on it.

Last night, Chloë Sevigny, never one to shy away from making a bold fashion statement, arrived to a screening of her new film, Beatriz at Dinner, in a Gucci cat printed shift dress. These were no ordinary kittens though. They were roaring tigers, screaming “I AM CHIC,” or “I WIN FASHION,” or maybe, “HOW DAMN COOL IS THIS DRESS?” To make the outfit even more extra, she used a classic black suede GG belt to cinch in her waist. Because cat ladies care about how things fit, too.

But she didn’t stop there. She Alessandro Michele’d the crap out of the look, pairing it with a mismatched metallic heart printed turban and (OUR MOST FAVORITE) socks with sandals. To be honest, the feline print alone could have solidified the actress’s win, but the green red, and white sock + sandal combo? Well, that was just a little sprinkle of catnip on the entire thing.

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I am seriously considering investing in a luxury sock, specifically of a Gucci origin. Expensive? Yes. Cheaper than a shoe AND seasonless? In almost every case. Cost per wear, ladies. Cost per wear.