Welcome to "Who Won Fashion Today," where we award the boldest, best dressed person of the day. Winning fashion doesn't necessarily mean you're wearing the most expensive, trendiest, or prettiest dress. Rather, we reward risk-takers—those that stay true to their personal style and make us go, "Now THAT is a LEWK.”

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Miley Cyrus looked incredible last night. Her skin was luminescent, her body toned, her smile big and bright. So it's difficult to not give her an official winning title. Instead, we'll say: keep doing what you're doing, Miley. You look great, sista.

But when you're being put up against artists like, say, Cher! Or Celine Dion! How could you even think you'd be in the running?

At the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, everyone who's anyone in the music industry sat in awe as the two legends performed.

WWFT - Celine Dion Billboard Performace - Embed 2
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Celine Dion took the stage in a bright white Stéphane Rolland spring 2017 couture gown with an architectural accent adorning the deep-V. Accessories? Who needs em. Look at those lashes!

Unfair advantage? She was there to sing "My Heart Will Go On," in celebration of Titanic's 20-year anniversary. Chills.

So, like, obvi, she wins, right? Wrong.

WWFT - Cher Billboard Performace - Embed 1
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Cher, 71, performed "Believe" in the nakedest of all naked performance outfits (sorry, Britney), adorned with ALL the rhinestones—and of course, a pink sequined heart to cover her left nipple. Chic.

She then did a costume change to perform another hit, "If I Could Turn Back Time." This time, she took the stage in a mesh bodysuit with black sequins and a black leather jacket ... and a WHOLE LOT OF BLACK CURLY HAIR.

VIDEO: See the 2017 Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet

We clearly can't put these women up against each other. We're never in the business of doing that. So, instead, we'll give them a joint award and suggest a new girl group: You win fashion today, Cherline.