How to Wear a Trench Like a Celebrity

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Angelina Jolie
Photo: The Image Direct

A few questions for Angelina Jolie:

  2. Is this a jacket or a coat? Can it be both?
  3. How do I come close to looking as incredibly put together as you do in a rain coat?

Angelina Jolie was spotted at LAX wearing this most-perfect-ever Bottega Veneta Mist Wool Coat (which, yes, comes with the belt because I know you were wondering). If you follow the runway shows, you know this coat came from the brand’s summer collection, which was a perfect mix of sporty and buttoned up.

VIDEO: Angelina Jolie's Best Beauty Moments

And while I know this coat is, like, really really expensive, think about cost per wear. You can wear it open, wear it closed, and while we’re on the subject…

You can wear it on a date. You can wear it when you’re late. You can wear it in the rain. You can wear it on a plane. You can wear it for a meeting, you can even wear it while you’re TWEETING! You can wear it lounging at home and you can wear it whilst eating an ice cream cone. You don’t have to be Angelina Jolie to prove, all you need is to be on the move, to a piece as magical as Zeus. NOW TAKE THAT, DOCTOR SEUSS!

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