What's Chic and Cool and Millennial Pink All Over?

Welcome to "Who Won Fashion Today," where we award the boldest, best dressed person of the day. Winning fashion doesn't necessarily mean you're wearing the most expensive, trendiest, or prettiest dress. Rather, we reward risk-takers—those that stay true to their personal style and make us go, "Now THAT is a LEWK."

Amandla Stenberg
Photo: Monica Schipper/WireImage

Everything, Everything is a movie about an 18-year-old girl who's unable to leave her hermetically sealed environment at her house because of a rare illness. Then, she falls in love—and is led to risk her life to be with him, even for just one day. Goosebumps.

The lead role is played by our fave, Amandla Stenberg. Why do we love Amandla? It starts with her brains and ends with her fearless sense of style. There's a lot in between all that too, like the fact that she's one of the kindest people we've ever met, she has great book recommendations, and she's hilariously funny. Anyway, I digress.

Stenberg arrived to a New York screening of the film wearing a suit from Emilio Pucci's fall/winter 2017 collection: peachy silk with a delightfully large, round rhinestone zipper. The blazer, which Stenberg wore leisurely open, was also decorated with eye-catching rhinestones, just because, WHY THE HELL NOT? Jewelry? Who needs it when your shirt is decorated with gems?

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The actress's makeup was impeccable: she opted for a peachy eye (very similar to how Pucci showed the look on the runway), a berry lip, and rosy cheeks; the perfect compliment to her millennial pink H2T winning look.

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